Opening Night in Cleveland

Opening night of the GOP Convention and the RNC has released to official biography of their nominee. Cue the dark lights and inspirational music …
“He was born to the hard life of privilege and the terrible burden of inherited fortune. He served his Country in a military academy through 10th grade, and suffered through his own Viet Nam of trying to avoid STD in the 80s and then multiple bankruptcies. He founded a University and an Institute, based on fraud and plagiarism he implemented his own version of Social Darwinism by ridding the most vulnerable people of their savings.
After witnessing what he believed were 30,000 Muslims dancing in the streets of New Jersey after 9/11, he once again answered the call to duty. He exposed the Kenyan/Muslim birth of the President, and undertook a campaign to rid the Country of rapists, murderers and drug mules (which he calls “Mexicans”). He proposed eliminating domestic terrorism by registering American citizens who were Muslims, and cleaning up a judiciary corrupted by “Mexicans, Muslims and Women”, and single-handedly pulled the David Duke into the political mainstream.
Then he hired the lobbyist for North Korea, Russia and Iran to be his campaign manager. He studied the television pundits to learn about foreign policy and race relations, and then (like an alien plague) eliminated the GOP establishment as an outsider. He has a secret plan that will eliminate ISIS overnight, but will wait while hundreds are slaughtered until he is elected to reveal his strategy. Now, here on stage with a dozen hot blondes half his age… the next President of the United States: Donald Trump.”

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