Truthiness and Orange Jesus

I have always believed that whenever someone tell you repeatedly that they are telling the truth, then they are more likely than not lying. Someone who feels compelled to announce their honesty is obviously concerned that they will be perceived as dishonest. If they claim everyone else is lying, it means that they want you to ignore reality and believe them instead. Anyone watching Trump give his acceptance speech, even for the first hour and a half, heard him say that there would be no lies. Well, I guess some of us would rather check facts than sign a blank check.

We are among the most taxed countries in the world? The truth is we are among the least taxed nations of the world.

Latino poverty up by 2 million since 2008 since Obama took over? Obama took over in 2009 when there were 1.2 million Latinos in poverty. The rate of Latinos in poverty has slowed down since Obama became President.

Unemployment of Latinos and African-Americans is near historic lows today. Even with the recent uptick in violent crime, the crime rate is still lower than when Obama became president. Politifact, the organization that fact checks every politician, rates Trump as one of the most worthy recipient of the “pants on fire” liars among active politicians. I could go on, but it won’t matter to the true believers. They really would be the types to say that the guy Trump shot in Times Square deserved it.

I would start my debate with Orange Jesus by confronting him about his use of lies to generate fear and hate to divide Americans, such as thousands of Muslims dancing in the streets of New Jersey after 9/11 or the Mexican rapists, murderers and drug dealers flooding into the US, or there African-Americans who are killing whites at a record rate. Maybe the real difference is that Trump lies to divide people and Hillary lies just to cover her behind.

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