Liberal Elitism?

One of the more consistent themes among Conservative media and their Republican rank and file is that they are soooo tired of liberal elitism. They accuse Liberals of arrogance, condescension, elitism, etc., etc., etc. Let’s be honest. Liberals have projected a sense that they know better. On the other hand, it is the Republicans who claim that this is their Country (and they want it back), they are the Party of patriots and the only ones who care about veterans, police, families and, above all else they are the Party of GOD (the Christian one). They resent it whenever anyone else chants “USA-USA-USA”.  How many times do Liberals hear the accusation that they “hate the police” or “hate the Country”? How many veterans (some with medals of valor) who happen to be liberal hear the accusation they are cowards because they don’t want to jump into another war?

Of course, neither Liberals nor Conservatives have an exclusive claim on patriotism. Nor do Conservatives have an exclusive claim to arrogance or condescension. A person can’t question why police might shoot an unarmed, compliant black man without getting accused of hating cops. Or Question suspending Constitutional rights to find “terrorists”, without being accused of supporting terrorism? Or challenge hate speech without being accused of being “politically correct”? It’s getting pretty tiresome…

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