Reminded (Again) About the Clintons

Just when it started to feel a little less depressing, the Presidential race has now become veritable Greek Tragedy. The latest and continuing releases of Hillary’s e-mails, combined with a “softer” Trump, feels like it could narrow the Clinton lead and to a greater possibility that Trump could win. Once again with the Clintons … nothing illegal – just shady financial dealings, dubious ethics and lawyerly worded explanations. With the Russians snooping around, Wiki-leaks in possession of unknown secrets from the DNC, and even more e-mails to be released … who knows what is next?

The Clinton people rightly point out that none of the recent e-mails show a quid-pro-quo of bribes to the Secretary of State. The tone deaf cohort of Democrats don’t seem to realize that while the Supreme Court has ruled that paying money for access to government is legal, it still is wrong in any democracy. This comes after Hillary clearly lied about the classified e-mails. I think that Hillary has been soooo bad at explaining her actions, and soooo duplicitous that they have settled on a campaign strategy of keeping her hidden away as much as possible. After all, Trump seems to invariably say or do something so incredibly stupid or repulsive that it captures our attention. Trump campaigning is like being unable to look away from an impending train crash.

This is what drives me crazy angry at the Democratic Party Establishment. They pre-ordained Hillary as the candidate. She was predictably the worst candidate running since Michael Dukakis, and he

even he had a much larger lead over Bush at the same point in his campaign – and HW Bush was no Trump. Imagine what the race would look like today if Sanders or Biden were the candidate! We would no longer have to live in dread of a Trump Presidency. There are as many Democrats and liberals like me who have valid, serious reservations about voting for Hillary.

I think it is  true that most of the Trump supporters will still be Trump supporters no matter what he does (e.g. shoot someone). He could call for complete amnesty for all illegal immigrants and an adjacent office for Putin in the White House and they would still be there. So what happens now as he starts selling himself as Mr. Nice Guy and enough people buy it? It changes the dynamics. All he has to do is pull even with her unpopularity numbers and it could be over.

I suppose we could rely on the fact that Trump really does have a personality disorder and cannot control himself and that he will inevitably blow through the illusions of a “nice” Trump, but this is a fragile, and anxiety provoking hope. What a dilemma for many people. Vote for someone you would never vote for or vote for someone you should never vote for…

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