A poll in Ohio last week indicated that over 70% of Republicans believe that if Trump loses it will only be due to massive election fraud. Of course, many of these people are ordinarily half-way decent people but something has caused them to march lock-step with the ones who learn of these kind of conspiracies from the aluminum foil hats they wear. There has been no evidence of voter fraud in past elections in Ohio, or anywhere else. There has been no evidence of any attempt to organize voter fraud, apart from a few report of Russian intelligence trying to hack some voter registration rolls except we all know who the Russians are trying to help. In fact, there is an argument that the only evidence of potential fraud comes from Trump – whenever Trump has accused someone of some dastardly deed it has always proven to be a projection.

The danger of Trump fostering a voter fraud argument is obvious, and may be the best argument that Trump is far too dangerous to the country than anyone realized. From the calculated speculation about massive fraud to the delusional claim that illegals are pouring over the border to vote 10 times each for Hillary, he has proven to be a disturbed and malignant force. What is truly disturbing is that so many people believe him regarding the plot to steal the election. Considering that 70% of Republicans believe this conspiracy, maybe Hillary seriously underestimated the number of “deplorables” in the basket.


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