How to Know If You Are a Trumpansie

It is generally accepted by the majority of Americans who did not vote for Trump that the minority of Americans who did fall into one of three categories, two of which are redeemable (if not understandable) and one category, that for lack of a better description, are people who think and act sub-cortically. These categories are (1) People who hate the Clintons, (2) People who are so alienated from the political establishment they want to destroy it whatever the result, and (3) Trumpansies. If you are curious about a loved one or friend who supported Trump and want to know if they have devolved into a Trumpansie, take this brief test.

  • Did they think that Sara Palin was a brilliant woman who would have made a great President?
  • Do they feel that the Earth is only 6,000 years old, evolution is a lie from Satan and climate change is a Chinese fraud?
  • When confronted with obvious lies from Trump do they reflexively respond with “What about Clinton’s e-mails?”
  • Do they read every Trump Twitter, ignore the grammatical and factual errors and accept what he says uncritically?
  • In high school, did they stop reading the Constitution after the first paragraph because they couldn’t understand what it means?
  • Do they divide the world into good God-fearing American patriots and those who did not vote for Trump?
  • Do they accept the idea that alternative facts are just as valid as objective reality if it supports their emotional belief system?
  • Do they wake up feeling afraid? Are they afraid of immigrants, Muslims, joblessness, medical insurance, atheists, black people, other people with more guns than they have, women controlling their own bodies, or things in their closet?
  • Do they believe everyone is lying except Trump and Sean Hannity?
  • Do they make distressing noises and jump around hysterically when the media criticize Trump?

If you answered ‘yes’ to one or more of these questions, chances are your friend or loved one is indeed a Trumpansie. It remains to be seen if there is help for these people. Stay tuned.

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