Something’s Going On…

Trump’s recent interview with the friendly Bill O’Reilly is yet another indication that something is going on with Trump and the Russians.  I am sure O’Reilly thought he was tossing a softball to Trump when he asked Trump to acknowledge that Putin was a killer, but the results were not as intended. Even with repeated attempts from “Papa Bear” to rescue Trump from his own words, Trump said something that may have been disturbing enough to even overcome the denial of some of his supporters. Trump stated that he believed there was moral equivalency between a man who has murdered political opponents and ordered a policy of mass murder in several countries to that of past U.S. presidents and troops. The statement is of course outrageous and no one with any sense of reality or of moral development would say the same. So why is the so-called President of the United States acting as apologist in chief for Putin? Something is going on.

Trump was infamous for casting suspicion on his political opponents with innuendo from unknown people he “knew” or “a lot of people are saying …” with the phrase “Something is going on folks. Something is there — believe me.” Well the continued defense of everything Putin by Trump and his refusal to release his tax returns makes it ever more suspicious that “something is going on.” Hopefully the Senate looking into the Russian espionage during the last election will provide some answers, one way or another. At least we all hope they will do their job. More likely is the possibility that Anonymous will follow up with their threat to release information not publicly available.

If a thorough inquiry reveals that Trump does have significant financial holding with Russians that accounts for his sanctioning Russian threats to our national security, then it would be a serious matter. In the alternative, if the release of his tax returns or investigations reveal no such blackmail material, would it be any less disturbing that Trump sees no difference between the behavior and policies of Russia and our country?

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