Dems Get It Wrong (Again)

Donald Trump woke up the other day and decided that President Obama authorized wiretaps of Trump Tower during the election and therefore, was guilty of a felony. He had no evidence to make the libelous claim and still refuses to provide any evidence.

This followed the leak of information that 15 encrypted cables from trump Tower to a bank owned by Vladimir Putin were sent around the time Wikileaks was releasing the DNC hacks provided by Russian intelligence agencies. President Obama, The former head of the NSA, CIA, Attorney General and the current FBI Director all deny there was any wiretapping. (it might be noted that revelations that various Trump campaign officials had been lying about contacts with Russians has come for foreign intelligence agencies from Great Britain and Netherlands).

I am sure some Trumpanzies will take the accusation seriously, but apart from that alt-reality fringe most Americans believe that Trump was either creating a diversion from his own scandals, or was providing another indication that he is mentally unbalanced. Instead of providing any of the evidence that convinced Trump, his surrogates called for a Congressional investigation on the accusation. The Dems are resisting an investigation. They are wrong.

A Congressional investigation on Trump’s accusation would be in everyone’s interest. They could call witness after witness from every agency involved with the process of wiretapping, or investigating suspected criminal or espionage activities. They could subpoena the staff of President Obama, and even president Obama himself. After every witness testifies that they have no idea what the heck Trump is talking about, Congress should subpoena President Trump, since he is the only person with knowledge of this alleged crime, and a crime of profound significance at that.

Of course, Trump would invoke privilege which would be the closest we would come to an admission he was simply lying again. His credibility would be even further eroded, and hopefully so will his ability to implement policy. The only alternative outcome would be the discovery that a FISA Court found sufficient evidence that people in Trump Tower were engaged in a crime or espionage to authorize a warrant, and wouldn’t we like to learn of that evidence?

The other, more disturbing aspect of this latest Trump scandal is that he either is mentally unbalanced and delusional, or so stupid as to act on a conspiracy that has no basis in reality. For the leading proponent of the Birther movement, the latter theory seems most likely. God help us.

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