The testimony of BFI Director James Comey to the House Intelligence Committee was historic for several reasons, and troubling for even more reasons. For the first time in our Country’s history a sitting President and his campaign are the subject of a counter-espionage, criminal investigation of “coordination” (i.e. criminal conspiracy) with a hostile foreign State. Contrary to the constant comment that “there is no “there” there by the Trump administration, there clearly is enough evidence of collusion to trigger a criminal investigation by the FBI. It’s called “circumstantial evidence”, but there is a lot of it, and credible enough for the Justice Department to publicly announce the investigation. That is history.

The hearings were also historic in another sense. For the first time ever, an FBI Director called out the President for lying, not once but twice in the same sitting before Congress. When Comey stated that the official position of the Attorney General’s Office is that there is no evidence that President Obama wiretapped Trump Tower, it was significant. Nowhere in the U.S. government was there any evidence of Trump’s accusation. The second time came serendipitously after Trump Tweeted yet another lie and Comey was asked to “truth-check” in real time.

It was also a significant hearing because Democrats were allowed to take as much time and as long as they needed to ask questions of witnesses and not one Republican defended Trump. In every other Congressional hearing so far, Democrats have been severely limited (if not prohibited) from any meaningful inquiries by their GOP Committee Chairmen. It was a carefully choreographed hearing that said as much between the lines as it did in the transcript. Nobody sticks their political necks out that far in DC unless there is something about to happen.

However, the most shocking revelation was that Director Comey knew of a counter-intelligence investigation of the Trump campaign at the same time he broke FBI protocol and announced the re-opening of the Clinton server investigation just weeks before the election. In other words, he decided that an investigation of Hillary’s potential negligence in mishandling classified information was more important to announce than an investigation of potential treason by the Trump Campaign! That is poor judgment of epic proportions. If the Country had learned that Trump was being investigated and why, at the same time they were told about Weiner’s laptop, would the results be the same? Very doubtful. Was Comey possessed by the spirit of a past FBI Director dressed in a Tu-tu? Was he choosing his President?

I have never been a fan of the FBI, for good reasons. Their history in our Country is one of political persecutions as much as political prosecutions. Consider the role of the FBI in attempting to destroy political movements, civil rights movements, etc. However, the interference of the FBI into the past campaign may have been just as influential to the outcome than any “fake news” or hacks. The fact of Comey’s poor judgment in this matter just reaffirms the need for a Special Prosecutor.

We can handle the truth.

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