Democracy DOA?

In a mind blowing interview, Trump admitted that he fired the head of the only (semi) independent investigation of the possible collusion of the trump Campaign with Russia simply because it was “made-up story.” It was an admission that had to have made the White House Counsel scurrying for cover … cover to mask a criminal cover-up. The silence from Republicans has been deafening. That’s how I know American democracy is dead on the arrival of Trump.

When Nixon’s attempt to obstruct justice with a cover-up, Republicans on the Judiciary Committee not only legitimately participated in the investigation, they actually led much of it. When it came time, the leadership of Goldwater, Scott and Rhodes convinced Nixon to resign. When Clinton was accused of obstructing an investigation into his personal sexual relationship with an intern, Democrats didn’t like it, but also didn’t obstruct the Congressional investigation and process. Now we have a President accused of obstructing an investigation into matters that likely rise to the level of treason, and … Republicans such as Grassley shrug their shoulders and tell us to “move on.” GOP leadership – McConnell and Ryan — actually supported the probably illegal action. When an entire party puts party politics above the Constitution, then we no longer are a functioning democracy.

Trump once bragged that he could murder someone in broad daylight in Times Square and his followers wouldn’t mind. Firing Comey is confirmation of Trump’s sense that he is above the law. Fully 36 percent of Americans still strongly support Trump, and poll after poll demonstrate that facts and admissions do not affect their support. Although he has a record low job approval from citizens, he still maintains strong support of most Republicans and then there is the 36 percent that would apparently be as unmoved by possibility of treason as much as murder.

When nearly 40 percent of Americans are untroubled by an attack by a foreign power because it was on behalf of their candidate, then why would GOP leadership put country before politics? When the rule of law is no longer enforced then democracy is lost.



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