Prosecutors Live’s Matter

The numerous reports that the Trump legal team is investigating Robert Mueller in an effort to undermine his credibility before he makes recommendations on potential criminal prosecutions was interesting for a number of reasons. Many Trump supporters hate (and that is not too strong a word) the “Black Lives Matter” movement, and one of the less overtly racist reasons they offer is that they find it objectionable to question or impugn the motives of the police as a way of diverting attention from the criminal behavior of the man (usually) that they shot. Now we have a situation where the Trump team is deliberately trying to impugn the motives of a law officer even before that officer takes action. How will the rank and file cult react? I suspect that the real objections to the message of the Black Lives Matter movement are racially motivated, so I don’t expect that any Trump supporters will be bothered by his attempt to impugn Mueller with any and all types of false accusations. Trump supporters are all about law and order until it comes to Trump. We’ve been talking lately about how the Trump phenomenon has exposed the thin fabric of morality that Conservatives wrap themselves in to feel better than those dirty Liberals. National security, Christian values, law and order, smaller government… these are the words we have heard for decades from Conservatives – words that have been exposed to be as reliable as a product label from a Chinese pharmaceutical.

The silence of Conservatives as Trump continues to undermine our national security (by siding with Putin against our own intelligence services), or suggest amoral solutions to his legislative failures (e.g. allowing Obamacare to fail with the resulting human tragedies), has exposed the hollow core of the principles of the Conservative Movement. The brazen hypocrisy of Republicans at their convention shouting “blue lives matter,” after refusing for years to approve funding for medical treatment of first responders to 9/11, might have been written off the same way as the Swift Boat conventioneers who never spent a moment in military service shouted to take back Kerry’s citations, except that it is now their guy who is attacking the FBI, the Justice Department and even personally attacking law enforcement officers. However, this is a personality cult, and if Trump tells his followers that the Law Enforcement Establishment and the National Security Establishment are both out to get him, then they will abandon those institutions as quickly as Trump turns on his own promises. It will be no longer even a pretense that Conservatives are for a strong national security or law and order – and will abandon those principles without an inkling of conscience.

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