The Swamp

“Clean the Swamp.” What a great marketing catch phrase. We don’t hear it as much these days, but we should. Not even a year into the Trump presidency, he has more scandals going than the last three presidents combined (and I am including Bill Clinton). Here is a partial list:

Money Scandals

  • Ongoing personal/family profits from lobbyists, foreign diplomats and foreign investors meeting with White House staff (estimated to be over $50 million in less than 1 year) – see Emolument Clause of the Constitution.
  • Frequent golf trips at taxpayer expense to Trump Resorts. Over a dozen trips in 6 months at an estimated cost of $34 million to tax payers (roughly $2 million every golf outing at his resorts).
  • Interior Secretary Zinke being investigated for taxpayer funded charters for personal trips (not including jet charters from businesses lobbying the Interior Department).
  • HHS Price resigns after private jet charter scandal.
  • EPA Pruitt being investigated for private jet charters, wants executive dining room and personal chef, wants soundproof phone room at EPA (Pruitt has met weekly with numerous business and lobbyist interests, and has not met with a single member of the EPA’s own science section).
  • Ivanka granted valuable trademark rights in China two weeks after Trump reverses claim that China was a “currency manipulator.”
  • Kushner caught soliciting investments from foreign states for family businesses.
  • Treasury Sec. Mnuchin uses charter jets for honeymoon and view the eclipse at taxpayer expense.
  • VA Chief Skulkin forced to resign after money scandal.
  • Trump lawyer Koswitz gives Manhattan D.A. $50,000.00 campaign contribution, drops criminal investigation of Ivanka and Trump Jr.
  • Trump advisor Icahn resigns after caught manipulating industry policy to make a fortune on stocks he owned.

Personnel Issues – Senior Level Only

  • Fynn (NS adviser) – foreign agent.
  • Manafort (campaign manager and frequent advisor to President) – foreign agent.
  • Carter (foreign policy adviser) – foreign agent.
  • Kushner, Sessions, Flynn lying on official investigations on the number of meetings with Russian representatives.
  • Kushner uses private e-mail server for house business (see “lock her up”)
  • Lead investigators of possible Russian Collusion fired: Bharara, Powell, Comey.
  • Price resigns.
  • Priebus resigns.
  • Bannon resigns.
  • Walsh (Communications) resigns.
  • Dubke (Communications) resigns.
  • Shaub (Office of Ethics) resigns.
  • Harvey (NSC Middle East Advisor) resigns.
  • Walsh (Communications) resigns.
  • Gorka (White House advisor) resigns.
  • Schiller (Communications) resigns.
  • Spicer (Communications) resigns.
  • Scaramucci (Communications) resigns.

Kind of swampy, eh?


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