Jesus, Mary and Moore

The allegations that the Republican nominee for Senate from Alabama is a pedophile (and his tacit admission that he “generally” did not date underaged girls) was disturbing enough, but what has ensued since is even more terrifying. “Conservatives”“ have justified and defended the pedophilia with official GOP office holders in Alabama saying on the record that “it’s not like he forcibly raped them” or “14-year-old girls don’t always make the best decisions.”

Evangelicals have supported Moore by stating that even if the allegations were true, it would still be better to vote for him than a Democrat. The topper though had to be the comment of Jim Zeigler, the Alabama state auditor, who dismissed the pedophilia by stating that Mary was not much older when Joseph and her became parents to Jesus. It was an amazing revelation of the acceptance of men raping underaged girls, and even more terrifying when you consider the public reactions to his vile comment among Evangelical Alabamans.

Evangelicals consider the virgin birth of Jesus to be a foundation of their faith. For someone to use the birth of Jesus as justification for a 30-year-old to have sex with a 14-year old-girl is blasphemous by any true “Christian” standard. Yet Evangelical leaders in Alabama and around the country at best have remained silent in regards to the comment, and continue to support Moore. One survey suggested that 29% of evangelical Christians in Alabama are MORE likely to support Moore since Moore virtually admitted his pedophilia and justified it by saying he always asked for the permission of the parent before dating teenage girls. The same “religious” man who advocates putting “Christian faith” ahead of Constitutional rights, and also happens to be a pedophile, is their hero.

The support of Conservative Alabamans of Moore puts the lie to their claim to represent the “Moral Majority” or “family values”. It also puts the lie to the spiritual character of the Conservative Evangelical movement in politics. As though supporting Trump (who has gleefully admitted to adultery, advocated sexual assault on star-struck women, and routinely mouths misogynistic comments against women), didn’t put the lie to their self-proclaimed moral authority, the support of men who defile their own faith and put their own underaged daughters at risk should be fatal to any moral claims. But it won’t.

Maybe Christian Evangelicals can more accurately reflect their beliefs by modifying their creed to “Jesus, Mary and Moore” instead of Jesus, Mary and Joseph.  True Christian faith is founded on beliefs and actions that reflect the love of Christ for every person, but in particular for the most vulnerable. If there is any politics in Christianity it should reflect the same preferences Christ expressed: for the poor and for children. Whomever Alabama elects to the Senate, the campaign has done a service to reveal the wolves in sheep’s clothing in the Evangelical Movement, and the immoral (if not sick) underbelly of Conservative Alabamans.

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