Modern Civics

What should the content of a contemporary text book on American Government include? If the text provides a functional knowledge of how our government works today it would have the following table of contents:

Chapter 1: Citizen’s United and the Origin of Modern U.S. Government

Chapter 2: Citizen’s United, the 1% and the Donor Class

Chapter 3: Citizen’s United, the NRA, Wall St. and Corporate America

Chapter 4: The U.S. Constitution and the Primacy of Corporate Rights

Chapter 5: The Three Branches of Government: Three Options for the Donor Class to Accomplish Outcomes

Chapter 6: The Two Party system: the Illusion of Choice

Chapter 7: Voting Rights and the Role of Elections: Endorsing the Foregone Conclusions After Restrictions and Gerrymandering

Chapter 8: Defining Individual Rights and the Role of Government in Working Around Them

Chapter 9: Local and State Government: Evolution, Function and the Illusion of Democracy

Chapter 10: Is Change Possible After Citizens United?

Cynical? Less so than accurate. Few people who pay attention doubt that since the Citizen’s United decision, money has controlled the purpose and the function of government. Big money elects politicians that pass laws to make more money for the donor class. Big money elects the judges to affirm and reinforce the primacy of corporate rights over individual rights.

It’s a shame. Maybe we can revive the American dream. But at this pint in our history, it is just a dream.

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