I’m as reflexively suspicious of the influence of religion on government as any of our Founding Fathers. There is a difference between being spiritual and being religious and it makes all the difference to the future of our Country. This is why the influence of “Evangelical Christians” has been one of the most dangerous threats to our freedoms. Fortunately, Trump has exposed these “Christian” leaders for what they are: transactional and not spiritual. Hopefully, the lie that Christian Evangelicals are motivated by spiritual beliefs and informed conscience has been exposed enough to shed a light on their destructive influence on our society. If Michael Steele, former Chair of the RNC, is any indication then the days of fraudulent Evangelicals like Tony Perkins are limited. Steele declared that these Evangelical leaders ought to just shut up and never, ever preach at him again. The straw that broke his chains to Evangelicals was from the leader of the Family Research Council that Trump deserved a “Mulligan” for paying for the silence of a porn star he had an extramarital affair with while Melania was about to give birth to their son.

Evangelical leaders justify supporting Trump because he is accomplishing their political agenda. His words and actions are dismissed by these leaders, who apparently fail to realize that some people actually believe the nonsense they preach from the pulpit every Sunday. Evangelicals think that doing something they like justifies doing many things that are wrong. It’s like saying a pedophile is an acceptable candidate for Senator, if he will outlaw abortions. Oh, they already have preached that gospel…

I am not a religious person, but I do believe that there is a right and a wrong, and no amount of right can justify a wrong. Not to go off on any theological tangent, but there have been heresies in Christian history similar to what Perkins and his league of false prophets are peddling. The basis of a spiritual life is the pursuit of meaning (e.g. God), not the pursuit of political agenda. That’s why these Evangelicals are not spiritual, but transactional. To them, the ends justify the means. They reject the idea that embracing sin in the service of God is an inherent contradiction.

I suppose arguing theological justifications to do what they want anyway is just playing their game. I operate by a less abstract principle that you know a person by what they do.



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