The Faces of Evil

One of the more sickening aspects of the mass murder in Parkland Florida is the flood of condolence Tweets from the members of Congress who were accomplices to the murders. I’m talking of course about those members of Congress who accept money from the NRA in exchange for supporting unlimited gun access. We are used to the familiar dodges and excuses. Paul Ryan literally uses the same lines he uses after all the previous school massacres. For example, after the Sandy Hook Elementary School Ryan said that it was too early to consider legislative solutions and not all the facts are in. Ryan said the same thing after Orlando, Las Vegas, and now after Parkland. Sandy Hook massacre was in 2012, and Ryan is still promoting guns. Men like Ryan, McConnell, Trump are morally hollow and we know they will continue to enable murders in schools through inaction. We’ve come to expect that and sadly almost have accepted it.

What is a more recent and offensive ritual is the “thoughts and prayers” Tweets. In Michigan we had at least two men who mocked the victims with their Tweets while they pocket NRA money and enable school murders by blocking any sensible laws restricting guns, such as an assault weapon ban.

Congressman Jack Bergman (1st District) sent his “heartfelt” thoughts and prayers. No doubt he will also have more heartfelt stuff after the next school massacre. As a retired Marine he knows the power of the assault weapon used in Parkland. He knows the weapon because his Marines used the military version of the AR-15 and he knows it was designed for only one purpose: to inflict maximum damage on as many people as possible. Congressman Bergman takes money from the NRA and its unlikely he will do anything to prevent gun violence directed against children. His knowledge of the carnage that assault weapons can create makes his face a particularly exquisite example of the evil of inaction.

Bergman is joined in murderous complicity by Congressman Tim Walberg of Michigan’s 7th District (just south of Detroit Metro area). Congressman Bergman was “heartbroken” by the fruits of his NRA funded labors to enable school massacres.  Mr. Bergman’s bio indicates he is a religious man, which makes for another example of gun loving hypocrisy. Wasn’t it Jesus who said “Suffer little children and forbid them not to come unto me…”? Apparently, Congressman Walberg interprets that to mean something very different than how most think. The NRA certainly has an idea of how to send children to Jesus. I don’t intend to be flippant, but how can these so-called “Christians” not only fail to protect children, but promote policies that enable children to be slaughtered? Maybe Mr. Walberg can Tweet on that topic.

One of the more encouraging aspects of this situation has been the amazing comments coming from the young people who were in the school. Witnesses to the carnage have had the courage to speak out, some very eloquently and some very bluntly. One of my favorites was from a girl responding to Trump’s Tweet saying that they didn’t want his thoughts and prayers. They want action.

How about a campaign to vote against any politician who takes money from the NRA no matter what.?


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