Something Happening Here

One of the more persistent complaints of Trump apologists is that after a year of investigations, there is no evidence of collusion between the Trump Campaign and the Russians. The rejoinder usually involves the mountain of circumstantial evidence, including the lack of any response of Trump to attacks on U.S. sovereignty and elections, despite widespread alarm by virtually all the rest of government agencies. Last week 200 Russian “mercenaries” attacked a position in Syria manned by Marine Special operators and their local allies. The Marines slaughtered the Russians without any American casualties, but who would doubt that even if American troops had been killed by the Russians that Trump would do nothing?

Another suspicious aspect of Trump’s actions since taking office, has been his consistent undermining of the NATO alliance, now including tariffs and a possible trade war with allies. The fracturing of NATO has been the prime goal of Putin, who still harbors territories in NATO aligned countries on Russia’s border. The decisions of this administration in the Israel and the Middle East has ceded our leadership. The ongoing dismantling of the State Department has also hurt our national interests, including not funding any diplomatic responses to Russian cyberattacks on our elections (we don’t even have enough Russian speaking staff at State anymore), and has left South Korea and Mexico without an ambassador.

To invoke the old Buffalo Springfield song, somethings happening here and what it is ain’t exactly clear… Here are two theories. It could be that Trump (aka Dennis Dennison) is so pathological that everything he touches descends into chaos and destruction. It could be that Trump is a Manchurian Candidate. His past business practices have left a wake of victims, especially his partners and employees. On the other hand, one can’t imagine a more favorable outcome for Putin.

(Dennis Dennison is the alias he allegedly used during his affair with porn star Stormy Daniels, who filed a lawsuit against Trump yesterday. I just want to her one thing from her attorney – and it involves urine.)

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