It Must Be Hard (Or Not)

The revelations of Stormy Daniels continue to ratchet up with her attorney confirming that Trump and his representatives physically threatened her if she revealed their affair. Michael Avenatti is proving to be an attorney that I would consider hiring as part of the Fieger Team. He is fearless, dedicated and intent on bending power to his will. Now he apparently has several more clients, and it looks like he has a booming practice that rivals Gloria Aldridge. One can only hope that one of them will disclose Trump’s interest in their bladder activity… Na Zdorovie!

Bad jokes aside, the revelations about the reprobate Trump have to be humiliating for his family . On the other hand, the revelations do serve one important function: it continues to shine the light onto the hypocrisy of Evangelical Christians who continue to support and defend Trump. Power and money have proven to be mush more important to these “Christian” leaders than their Gospel.

I think you can separate individual believers from the leaders of the Evangelical movement. Many of them do try to live a life of faith, hopefully not blind faith in their “pastors” or political leaders who mouth the words to obscure their actions. Evangelical leaders justify their silence on the behavior of Trump before he became President by saying we have all sinned and need to be forgiven, but never address his persistent lying about the affairs or abusing people in his own Administration. These “pastors” justify their compromising their the tenets of their faith as a means of accomplishing the political aims of their movement exposes them as a political and not religious movement. That will be helpful to keep in mind as Trump will look to escalate the culture wars to obscure his criminal behavior.

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