Death Penalties

The Trump Administration is proposing to allow the death penalty for “drug dealers”. The policy proposal allegedly developed by Kelly Ann Conway, is intended to make Trump appear to be serious about the latest and current drug epidemic, and to force Democrats to appear to be weak on the issue if they vote against it. One could imagine the conversation on the proposal from the Oval Office, with Kelly Ann suggesting to Trump that it was yet another way to get rid of more Mexicans (since he believes Mexico is sending us drug dealers) and African-Americans.

The current epidemic of opiate abuse is the result of decisions by drug dealers who will be exempt from the Trump proposal. If the proposed law included the CEOs and Boards of pharmaceutical companies, then it might deserve some serious debate, but of course big Pharma be exempt. This is another proposal that will result in the incarceration of only mid-level and street level drug dealers, primarily minorities who, sadly, would have been arrested or shot on some other pretext anyway. Drug policy in this Country has always been dictated by big business, or fueled by racist fears (e.g. Harrison Act). What else would one expect from a White House that considers White Nationalists as part of their political base?

What is new about the proposal is that it seems to be inspired by the authoritarian policies of a dictator much admired by Trump, Premier Li of China. Since he may be on a death penalty wish tear, Trump may also consider adding the following to his list:

  • Female Porn Stars who he has dated in the past
  • All women he has sexually assaulted
  • Any special prosecutors investigating him
  • Journalists not working for Fox Cable News
  • Late night comedians

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