The Rule of Law

“We are a nation of laws, not of men” has been the bedrock principle of our Country since the very beginning. For generations, the rule of law safeguarded our freedoms during those dark times when the “better angels of our nature” were not apparent. This bedrock principle is under assault today. I am not referring to the stacking of the Courts with corporate shills and ideologues who ignore legal precedent (aka Federalists). The institutions of law have always proven to rise above the men that occupy the positions of power. Dredd-Scott, Segregation, and other Court sanctioned assaults on our freedoms were ultimately corrected. The problem we are facing now is more profound than that. I am referring to the corruption of the legal institutions themselves by the current Administration.

The bending of the Department of Justice to serve the needs of the President instead of the rule of law is beginning to break it. The meeting demanding the disclosure of evidence in a criminal investigation of the person being investigated is unprecedented in our history. And it’s a very bad precedent.

This is rapidly evolving from a national nightmare to an existential threat. When the justice system is used to serve the needs of the President in violate of investigative norms and laws, then we are no longer a democracy. This is not hyperbole. Throughout history it has always been true that the slightest compromise of the rule of law signals the beginning of totalitarian regimes. It’s that simple.

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