Hmmmmm… National Security

What do they know that we don’t know? When you consider the list of the most senior members of the Country’s national security structures – National Security Adviser, NSA Directors and CIA Directors – who have been warning Americans of the danger of the actions of Trump, it’s really worrisome. These are men who have served Republican as well as Democratic Presidents. They are men who have NEVER spoken publicly even when they disagreed with policy actions, who are now very publicly speaking out. Here’s a partial list of men who have been sounding alarms about Trump:

Former National Security Advisers: Poindexter, Powell, Scowcroft, Rice. The only former National Security Adviser who has not been critical of Trump has been Flynn, a Trump appointee and now convicted and cooperating witness on the Russian Probe.

Former NSA Directors: Hayden, Rogers, Alexander.

Former CIA Directors: Gates, Woolsey, Tenet.

Together, these men have led the intelligence gathering apparatus since 1985. All of them have been publicly critical, even alarming in their comments and none of them have ever gone public before in their criticism of an existing President. Of course, Trumpanzies will start jumping around and blabbering about the “Secret State”, a secret society that apparently has been responsible for running the Country for decades (along with the Masons and Illuminati).  Foreign intelligence agencies have already begun to scale back sharing intelligence with us. What do they know?

It makes you wonder.

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