About Geoffrey Fieger

Geoffrey Fieger is one of the most successful trial attorneys in the country. He is constantly in demand as an expert analyst for high-profile media trials. His charismatic and controversial personality made him an instant star of the Fox series “Power of Attorney” and the CBS radio program, “Fieger Time.” He appears almost daily on CNN, Fox, MSNBC and other networks commenting on various legal issues and cases. 

After three decades of passionately practicing law, Fieger is best known for winning trials. He has won more multimillion-dollar awards than any other attorney in the country. Some of these trials include the defense of Dr. Jack Kevorkian, the “Jenny Jones Show” trial, and the defense of Nathanial Abraham, the youngest child ever tried as an adult for murder in the U.S.  He has won record verdicts in Michigan Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia and South Carolina. Many of his trials have generated national attention and set important legal precedents.

In June 2008 after almost three years, Fieger, represented by the legendary Gerry Spence in his final trial, won his own court battle against the Gonzales/Rove/Bush Justice Department when he was acquitted on all counts of alleged illegal campaign donations.

Some personal information about Geoffrey from a recent interview:

Q. What is your favorite color? 

A. Blue


Q. What is your favorite band(s)?

A. Beatles & The Knack


Q. What is your favorite song? 

A. American Tune by Paul Simon


Q. What is your favorite restaurant(s)? 

A. The Lark, Phoenicia & Eurasian Grill


Q. Who is your favorite Detroit celebrity? 

A. Mitch Ryder


Q. Where is your favorite place to be? 

A. At Home in Bloomfield Hills, Sedona, and Anguilla


Q. What is your idea of perfect happiness? 

A. Living to be 100 years old, healthy with all my family


Q. Which historical figure do you most identify with?

A. Clarence Darrow


Q. Which living person do you most admire?

A. Gerry Spence


Q. Which trait in yourself do you most deplore? 

A. Procrastination


Q. What trait do you most deplore in others? 

A. Disloyalty


Q. What’s your greatest extravagance? 

A. Homes


Q. What is your favorite journey?

A. Home  


Q. What do you consider the most overrated virtue?

 A. Pride


Q. On what occasion do you lie? 

A. To not hurt someone’s feelings


Q. Which living person do you most dislike?

 A. Karl Rove


Q. What is your greatest regret? 

A. Growing old


Q. When & where were you the happiest? 

A. Now


Q. Which talent would you most like to have? 

A. Patience


Q. What is your current state of mind? 

A. In flux


Q. If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be? 

A. My tolerance of those with whom I disagree


Q. What do you consider your greatest achievement?

A. Julian, Aidan, Quinn and being married to Keenie


Q. What is you most treasured possession? 

A. My children


Q. Where would you most like to live?

A. Where I live


Q. What is your most marked characteristic?

A. Outspokenness


Q. What do your most value in your friends?

 A. Loyalty


Q. Who are your favorite writers?

 A. Steinbeck, Hemmingway & Gerry Spence


Q. Who is your favorite hero of fiction?

A. Old Yeller


Q. How would you like to die? 

A. In my sleep during a passionate dream


Q. If you were a speech part, what would you be? 

A. A dangling participle


Q. If you were a car, what kind would you be?

A. A Volvo


Q. If you were food, what kind would you be? 

A. Orange juice


Q. If you were an animal, what kind would you be?

A.  A cat


Q. If you were fine art, what form would you take?

 A. A film


Q. What’s your motto? 

A. He that troubleth his own house shall inherit the wind


Q. What is your Rosebud?

A. My first Volvo


Q. What’s your favorite quote about the law

A. “When you have no basis for an argument, abuse the plaintiff,” ~Cicero


107 Responses to About Geoffrey Fieger

  1. Chris says:

    Questions for Geoff:

    What is the name of the last book you read that you enjoyed?

    What is your favorite movie of all time?

    What famous person (dead or alive) would you most like to meet?

    What would you most like to accomplish in the next 10 years?

  2. Last book – The Appeal by John Grisham
    Favorite movie – Midnight Cowboy/Old Yeller
    Famous person – Paul McCartney
    Next 10 years – Freedom from debt

  3. Deb from South West Michigan says:


    Today I saw the news about the sentencing of Kristina Adkins pretty harsh I thought. Then when I read the past articles about her being tricked into coming in for questioning and being told getting an attorney would piss off the judge I am outraged. How is this possible? Do you think there is a chance that there will be a successful appeal on this conviction? Why do you think this isn’t a bigger news story?

  4. Karen Salvador says:

    I was a volunteer for your party at Meadow Brook Hall hostessing in the Fountain Room which is downstairs leading to the ballroom. We as volunteers take time out from our busy lives to make everyones experience at an event a great one. I have never been thanked by anyone before until you. Thanks so much for taking the time to ask my name and to thank me. It’s always nice to know that you are appreciated for volunteering your time. Thanks again for being so thoughtful…Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Hope to see you again next year.

    Karen Salvador

  5. Karen,
    Thank you for your kind words.

  6. john doe says:

    your website is as lame as your personality. you and your staff are a leach on society and our economy.

  7. John Doe,
    Great response, exceeded only by the courage it took you to use your real name.

  8. jerry says:

    what do you think is happening with all the longterm disability case why is so for a injuryed person to get a fair shake

  9. Jeff Kass says:

    Hi Geoff. The Columbine book I interviewed you for many years ago is finally coming out near the 10th anniversary of the shootings, in April. Thanks again for your help, and you can get some information on the book and contact me at jeffkassauthor.com.

  10. M.LaFOUNTAINE says:


  11. James Staley says:

    At this time, I have not had the opportunity to meet Mr. Fieger in person, I am looking forward to it some day. I have been in contact with one of the Fieger team members a wonderful Attorney a Leon Weiss. Every one that I have met at the Fieger Law office is wonderful and kind. Leon has been wonderful and helpful with everything in regards to the problem that I have had with the Bloomfield Hills Police department. I hope I have good luck in Court next week. With Leon Weiss by my side, I am sure I will have good luck, this Man is wonderful he sure speaks well in the court room, I was about to loose my voice and I am so glad he was there to talk for me.

    James Staley
    Ann Arbor/Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

  12. Yvette Diggs-McKinney says:

    Dear Mr. Fieger;
    I am a student at Kaplan University. I would like to interview you. I know that you are a very busy person so I hope you don’t mind answering my questions in this forum.
    1. Why did you choose to go into Law, was there something in your life that steered you in this direction.
    2. Where did you go to school?
    3. Was taking the Bar exam difficult for you?
    4. What do you enjoy most about practicing the Law?
    5. Is practicing law rewarding?
    6. Is it anything like what you expected it would be?
    7. What types of cases do you prefer to defend?
    8. What would you say is the most frustrating aspect of the law?
    9. How do you defend someone you know is guilty?
    10. If you found out after a trial has begun, that a client lied to you, what do you do?
    11. How do you handle an adversarial judge?
    12. How do you find time for your family and recreation?
    13. Do you personally try any small cases?

    Thank you Mr. Fieger for your time. This is a Final Project for one of my legal classes.

    Yvette Diggs-McKinney
    Harper Woods, MI.

  13. 1. Why did you choose to go into Law, was there something in your life that steered you in this direction.
    A. At the time I entered law school, I had received two degrees from the University of Michigan (A.B., M.A.) in theater and speech. I was running out of degrees and I liked school. I thought I’d give law a try. Not a great reason to go to law school – but the truth.

    2. Where did you go to school?
    A. Detroit College of Law (Now Michigan State University Law School)

    3. Was taking the Bar exam difficult for you?
    A. No, I took 3 bar exams in Michigan, Florida and Arizona and passed them all.

    4. What do you enjoy most about practicing the Law?
    A. Fighting for ordinary people against the power structure.

    5. Is practicing law rewarding?
    A. Yes, spiritually

    6. Is it anything like what you expected it would be?
    A. Unfortunately, yes. The practice of law is run by political bureaucrats (like other government
    branches) who are shills of the powerful special interests.

    7. What types of cases do you prefer to defend?
    A. I never defend corporations or insurance company. I accept civil and important criminal cases.

    8. What would you say is the most frustrating aspect of the law?
    A. See answer to #6 above.

    9. How do you defend someone you know is guilty?
    A. Difficult question, but isn’t it the trial lawyer’s duty to defend the damned, outcasts and
    pariahs? Don’t people deserve a second chance?

    10. If you found out after a trial has begun, that a client lied to you, what do you do?
    A. Withdraw

    11. How do you handle an adversarial judge?
    A. Gently

    12. How do you find time for your family and recreation?
    A. The law is a jealous mistress. Family time is so important and I have a very understanding mate.

    13. Do you personally try any small cases?
    A. There isn’t enough Geoffrey to go around. Since our stock in trade is “time,” I can only do so

    Thanks for your thoughtful questions.

  14. tomwise1 says:

    Mr. Fieger,

    Love this blog and glad I found it!

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for having the one simple thing that is most missing with much of our society: Courage.

    cheers, tom

  15. B.Compton says:

    Mr.Fieger,i hope you have time to read this! There will be a case being brought in front of you having to do with my mom(she called today), due to med mal she will probably never walk right again. I would love for you to take the case because this is my mom and we gotta fight for family and have to have someone who believes in family and will really fight!! I cant think of anyone better, i hope you will atleast consider it. It would really be appreaciated!Thank You for atleast taking time to read this if nothing else!Sorry for posting this here,wasnt sure where else to post! You have my email on this and can respond on that anytime,i also have a 2 year old nephew id like your advise on! Thank You again for taking your time to read this atleast! B.Compton

  16. Carole A. Kronberg says:

    Dear Attorney Fieger:

    Thanks for providing this forum for all of us “Don’t Tread On Me” flagwavers. Is it okay to bring up unfinished business?

    Throughout the Kevorkian persecution (NOT misspelled), as I watched in various courtrooms with your mother and other proponents of the M.E.R.C.Y. campaign, it was obvious to me that the prosecution was an attempt by conservative religionists, convinced that suicide is a “sin,” to criminalize a practice which certain more autonomous, religiously liberal citizens clearly viewed as a “leap of faith” and/or a religious rite. Clearly, the prosecution aimed to criminalize all physician assistance, because that was thought to be the most acceptible means to the performance of that rite.
    Bothered by the afront this represented to everyone’s Constitutional right to “freedom of religion,” I wrote a letter to the ACLU, another to the UUA, and a third letter to (I think it was) Americans United for Separation of Church and State.
    I failed, however, to get the ideological battle recognized for what it was, because the focus was on Dr. Kevorkian as the (sole?)defendant, and not on the need I perceived for the religious laft to defend itself. As I recall, I also tried to persuade you to raise the issue of Constitutional violation. I don’t know why you didn’t. Did the judge refuse to let that concern be explored? Did some legal technicality apply? Would contention have been possible only in an appeal to higher court?
    Perhaps, my concern was simply too far from that era’s mainstream thought to produce any sympathetic response. With the aging and bodily breakdown of the Boomers, more people may want, now, to legalize assisted suicide. Do you think the Supreme Court will address this issue?
    I have other input I’d rather not blog about, but would like to email to you, personally. Would you send me your e-address?

  17. Carole,
    Thanks for the note. I can assure you that the constitutional issues were raised at every opportunity.

  18. B.Compton says:

    Mr. Fieger, I am a disabled vet who believes in you guys, i wrote you about my mom!I wont go into more info on here but dont know where else to write you or where else to turn, im watching her get worse,more pain and no one seems to want to do anything!Need help or advise!Thanks,comptons

  19. Timmy says:

    Hello Mr Fieger,
    I am a huge fan, and I admire you so much. I am a college student, and I am going in to law.
    I always say i want to work for you some day. That is one of my dreams, and I pray for it to come true.
    You are one amazing lawyer, and I hope to become one as well. I was wondering may I volunteer at you office? I really would love and appreciate the help to achieve the experience. I am a hard-worker, and I would be so honored to.

    Thank you.

    I hope you are doing well.

  20. Adam says:

    Did you read Matt Taibbis article in Rolling Stone about Goldman Sachs? I just sat there with my mouth open when I finished it. How disgusting this Goldman Sachs is. Your Mafia analogy is right on. As I am writing this to you, Bernanke is taking softballs from Congress as he will do tomorrow before the Finance Committee of the Senate. What a joke. I have left messages for both my Senator-Menendez and Schumer in NY. I want them to SPEAK UP AND OUT about what really happened.
    How Lehman and Merrill failed because it essentially got rid of Goldmans two main competitors. AIG going down would have been very bad for Goldman, obviously.

    Thank you for what you do and for speaking out. Keep it up!!
    Power to the people! Come on people use it!!

    Adam in Jersey City

  21. James Staley says:

    After 7 visits to the court room, I will now be going to the Court House in Pontiac for a trial. The attorney that I have from your Law Firm is wonderful and I do hope it goes well for me. It is sad that the Police in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan can have me put in Jail for 3 days and I am still going to court since January, the final reason for me to be stoped was because I was speeding 5 miles over the limit. The Police did break down doors, and after I was put into hand cuffs, I was kicked and had a officer that was about 250 lbs stomp on my back and head because I did not stand in the drive way and let him shoot me with a taser gun. I had to use the rest room because of a Urology problem and they just made a joke about my situation and when I told them I was going to contact Geoffrey Fieger and his law firm about them, they said go ahead, you just work at a VA Hospital and you could never afford him. Well, it looks like they were wrong, I have been working with Leon Weiss a wonderful Attorney from your law firm. During the trial on the 13th of August, I sure hope I have good luck and do not end up back in jail with 15 other men on the floor. Thanks for having Leon Weiss at your Law firm and if YOU are free that day please come to the trial and the rude police will see that I could afford Your Legal services. Thanks again.

    James E. Staley
    Ann Arbor & Bloomfield Hills Michigan

  22. Hey What do you think of the new Michigan State Police building that was built in Lansing? Also, I have been threaten by one of these men to be sued for going to Lansing City Council and telling it as it is in this man low income housing for the seriors and disables. I have never told a lie about this man and his dealings but I must of hit a nevr cause he contacted a lawer to sue me for it. I have pictures of mold and water damages and yes I have gotten sick because of it. I have visted a State Rep. over the problem and he told me to call you and I have but I’d like to talk to you about this matter cause there is old and sick that need your help to defend themselves. I talk to one of your asscoitates today and she has my number. I have been sick and my partner has had to have surgery to breath at a normal state as you and me over this Black mold.

  23. In the past few months, I have shared about my wonderful attorney Leon Weiss, from the Fieger Law office, well I was found guilty and it was not the fault of the Attorney Mr. Weiss, he did wonderful in the Trial and did his best and gave 100%. The Jury had some questions and the Judge would not answer them, so they came back with a Guilty and I do not think they did understand everything well that was shared in the trial. It seems like they did not like the what the Judge told them, so they was there way of tell me and every one that they did not like the way the judge did treat them.
    Mr. Fieger, thanks for having Leon with your Law firm and no matter what happens to me, I do appreciate every thing that he did for me, he sure is a wonderful man and attorney. When the other attorney had rude things to say to me and the Bloomfield Hills police would lie, he was there to help me in a wonderful way kind way and every one and the Jury knew that the Police were not telling the truth and the Judge even looked at me laugh a little when the Police was telling lies and Leon asked about what really happen and their face got red and they looked down, they could not even look at any one as they told their lies and one even cried.

    Thanks again and I appreciate so much that you have Leon at your law firm, every one knows you are the best, so now I know you have the best working for you at the Fieger Law Office.

    JIM Staley

  24. I stumbled across your blog today and I just wanted to say I’ve really enjoyed reading all of your posts.
    Thank you~

  25. Austin Wolfclaw says:

    My condolences go out to your entire family on the news of the passing of your brother Doug.

  26. J.J. Israel says:

    Dear Geoff,

    I just learned of the passing of your brother Doug. I am so sorry for your loss. What a terrible blow for you and your family.

    He was a true talent and from what I understand, I very wonderful and generous-hearted person.

    Three years ago, I lost my darling Mother on Valentine’s day too. It must be a good omen to take such beautiful souls away on Love Day.

    With respect and admiration,

    ~J.J. Israel~

  27. Marshall Wayne says:

    Geoff I am so sorry to hear about Doug. I remember the days that we used to bowl together as kids at Oak Park Lanes. Please let me know how things are going with you.

  28. Elaine Baker says:

    geoffrey your brother was a friend of mine. i met him almost 20 years ago at the Log Cabin in West Hollywood. He was working with a young man with no legs in a wheelchair. I was driving through Topanga today thinking about Doug and how many people he loved to help. I saw him not long ago at Dumetz. He was upbeat and doing a lot of yoga. i have posted his last pictures in Europe on my facebook page as are other mutual friends. My hope is that not only is he remembered for making people smile, but for all those he helped and for his big heart….. My daughter is doing her current events this week on “my mommy’s friend”. I will miss your brother terribly! God Bless Elaine Calabasas, CA

  29. Randall Grescoviak says:

    Dear Mr, Fieger,
    My condolences to you and your family on the loss of your brother. The Knack were one of my favorite bands and I loved Doug’s music. He will be missed but his music will live on forever.

    Randall G.

  30. jim rodriguez says:

    Geoffrey, I did not know your brother personally but I have been a long time fan of The Knaack and I just wanted to offer my condolescences to you and your family on your loss. He will be missed by the music community and all music lovers.

    Jim, Cypress CA

  31. Jamie Kobran says:

    Dear Geoffrey,
    I was sad to hear about your brother Doug. I want to offer my condolences to you and your family. My mom (virginia) informed me years ago about his health problems. I have heard he was a wonderful person. And from what I know about you, obviously you are a wonderful person too. You probably don’t this but, you look exactly like my brother Woody. When I would see you on TV it made me want to talk to you sometimes. It has been many, many years since we last saw each other. We were only kids then. Don’t regret growing old, it’s a blessing and certainly beats the alternative. Think of our great-grandmother (Duhta) and what a long great life she had. It’s in our genes.

    All the Best to you Geoff,

    Jamie K.

  32. Fatymah Joseph says:

    Dear Mr. Fieger,

    Please accept my sincere condolences to you and your family on the loss of your brother.

    “To the outside world we all grow old. But not to brothers and sisters. We know each other as we always were. We know each other’s hearts. We share private family jokes. We remember family feuds and secrets, family griefs and joys. We live outside the touch of time.” ~Clara Ortega

    All the best to you and your family during these difficult times. You are in my thoughts and prayers.


    Fatymah M. Joseph

  33. Will Peters says:


    I very much appreciate this blog and the work that you do. I will be starting law school in the fall at Tulane University.

    The current law school culture tends to look down on lawyers who defend people. A job in corporate law at a big firm is held up as the most prestigious and honorable in the profession. But I cannot see the honor in defending corporations like Enron, who commit society’s most heinous crimes. I will dedicate my life to fighting for ordinary people against corporations and the government.

    Thank you for being a warrior for the people. Thank you for the inspiration to pick up the sword and do the same in my career. I grew up in Monroe, Michigan, so I saw you on the news a lot as a kid. Your passion and intensity helped shape my view of what a real lawyer is. Though I am going to law school in New Orleans, I plan to come back and practice in Michigan when I graduate.

    I was deeply troubled when you were indicted by the federal government. I am very interested in your interaction with Gerry Spence, who is an absolute hero of mine (I’m even considering a “pilgrimage” to Wyoming to meet him this summer). I have a few questions that I would love for you to answer about that case:

    ~What was it like working with Gerry Spence? Was it difficult to relinquish control to another lawyer?

    ~What did you learn by observing Gerry Spence? You both seem very different stylistically, both personally and professionally. As someone who is constantly trying to get better at what he does, what did you take from Gerry Spence and incorporate in your own practice?

    ~Have you considered writing a book about that case? Has Gerry?

    ~Do you and Gerry have different views about what it means to be a lawyer? I once heard you say that you practice law as an art. Gerry seems to view being a lawyer as almost a spiritual path. What similarities and differences do you have in that regard?


    Will Peters

  34. Christopher Iannuzzi says:

    Dear Geoffrey,
    You spoke today at Michigan State University College of Law and through all the commotion I never had the chance to thank you personally for the opportunity Geoffrey Fieger Trial Practice Institute has given me to learn important trial skills. The program is absolutely unique and having you come to the school today to speak solidified why I wanted to come to law school in the first place. It was a pleasure to hear you speak about the law and the trial litigation and I hope you continue to stay involved with the program. The students in the institute love having you come so that we have the opportunity to hear your wisdom and guidance. Thank you again for the wonderful opportunities you have given us through the institute.


    Christopher Iannuzzi

  35. Cheryl Johnson says:

    Dear Mr. Fieger,

    When I heard that there was a possibility of you running for Michigan Govenor I was soooo happy.

    Michigan needs help I am sure that you will not sink the ship (Michigan).

    You have my vote.

    I have been laid off for 2 years and there still are no jobs available for a 54 year old with no degree like me.

    Please Please consider it.

    Cheryl Johnson

  36. Juan says:


    Were you born an asshole or did it take years of practice?

  37. Can you sue a doctor for slander i was ssi case the doctor said i had diabetic neuropathy which i due have the ssi board contacted the doctor said i was cured of diabetic neuropathy which is a lie

  38. Susan Kay says:

    Hope you’re well- Recently saw the movie- pretty good portrayal. (How do you know the name? Hint: WCSX 12 years ago…)

  39. Bill says:

    Mr. Fieger;
    I have been to the fiegerlaw website but found that the links do not work. You may wish to look into this. I was referred to your firm by a friend regarding termination of employment over 1 1/2 years ago and wanted to review your site to see if your practice handles such cases. Unfortunately, I am not able to get past the main page.
    FYI, and warmest wishes!

  40. Cheryl Ippolito Rodriguez says:

    I recently watched a documentary on your work with Dr. Jack Korvakian and his mission to allow people to die with dignity in this country. I also saw a t.v. movie about it. I wish I could afford to hire you to defend my Son who is being harrassed by Nassau County Police because we went to Internal Affairs at the suggestion of an attorney because he was being stopped and searched at least weekly although nothing was ever found. An officer even theatened to divulge to his passengers that we had participated in a “crime stoppers” effort, which is supposed to be completely anonymous. Now he has been imprisoned for over 3 months for something he is being accused of 13 months ago, has not been convicted, and we don’t know what to do to help. It makes us sick as Parents to see this happen. He has worked full time since 17 years old and at the time he was remanded to jail in May 2010, he was working at the same job for over 2 years, and going to school at night. You are awesome and God bless you for helping people who cannot help themselves. It is so frightening to be at the mercy of some corrupt system and not know where to turn. If my Husband and I win the lottery, we will definitely try to retain you!!! Sincerely, cheryl.

  41. Candace says:

    Mr. Fieger,

    I have been a fan since you were representing Jack Kevorikan. I wrote my senior paper on the right to die. Life has changed since then and I need someone to point me in the right direction.
    My husband is on parole and was scheduled to be released on Sept 16. He has had an appointment for 2 months on the 17th at 1pm to pick up his paperwork and be released. Approx 3 weeks ago he was transfered to a new agent. This agent didn’t bother to look in my husbands file and see that he had paid his restitution almost two years ago and completed all other requirements. Instead she extended his parole 6 months. He is a law abiding citizen who has paid his time and our family has as well. How can they extend his time without cause?? The lazy agent has since verified and sent the correcting paperwork in, however it is looking like October or longer for process to be corrected. Is there anything we can do leagally?

  42. Stephen Mendelson says:

    I like your idea of a redlight district for Detroit. Eliminate the crime, raise some much needed revenue, and let adults do adult things.

  43. Nate says:

    The Unconscious mind of a Hit and Run Driver
    What Makes Them Run?

    In Michigan, you have a duty to stop if involved in any car or vehicle accident. Failing to do so is a criminal offense. I have been noticing more and more in the news lately of hit and run drivers severely injuring citizens and fleeing the scene. What makes these individuals keep going after they have hit and severely injured someone? Within the last month here in Michigan we had a bicyclist injured by hit-and-run driver near Dexter, MI and the driver fled the scene. In more recent news a Taylor officer was struck and killed by a hit and run driver who also fled the scene. I am asking for your distinguished and respected Blog to do a story on these unconscious, unsympathetic individuals.

    Concerned Civil Servant

  44. Mickey says:

    Hi Geoffrey you may not remember me but I am Judy (Deleo)Shaw’s daughter. I wanted to find out my fiance’ works for Vertio and Traverse Legal in Traverse City and they do interview’s with Attorney’s all over the world, they call it audio interview’s it is done on the phone. My question is would it be possible to do an interview with you? We can be reached at my email or you can reach Damien Allen @ damienallen-vtalkradio@hotmail.com. It would be an honor to do an interview with you.
    Thank You

  45. Michelle says:

    Mr. Fieger,

    My mother recently told me that you plan on running for Mayor of Detroit in 2013. I think it is a wonderful idea. I am a life long resident, own a home in the city, work in the city, single mother of five children, and I really think this city could use someone like you. Someone who is devoted to everyday people of the city. I love the fact that you are so pro education. I would personally like to offer my help when you do start campaigning. It would be an honor to campaign for you.


  46. "Chelle" says:

    Wouldn’t it be nice if people realized exactly how busy you are? With cases,your family and TV and radio. Have a good day and remember, Life’s only as good as you make it.
    “Some daythe Federal Government will leave good people alone, Yeah I know Hell hasn’t froze over yet!”

  47. Jenny Parker says:

    Mr. Fieger,

    I am writing you to keep a promise I made to my eighth-grade summer school class in St. Paul, MN. See this summer I was not given a curriculum for my unit on debate, so I constructed my own unit with everything I could find about the Aiyana Jones case. For their final projects, the students wrote and presented closing arguments for the trial of the police officer who killed her. They wanted me to share them with you and hoped you might pass them on to her family. I don’t even know if you are still on her case, but if you are, I have some discs I would like to get you.


  48. Ken says:

    Mr. Feiger,

    I have always wanted to see you speak in person. On Saturday Oct. 23 2010 I read in the paper that opening arguments were going to be held in murder trial of the young man accused of killing the Oak Park police officer in 2008. I had no plans for that day so I decided to go to the courthouse and watch your opening statement. What a great experience it was. I left my house not understanding how you could represent a cop killer. When I left the courthouse I had a whole different opinion. That poor young man needs you. I really believe after listening to both sides he is not guilty of the charges. I think that the death was a result of a terrible accident. It seems as though maybe no one is able to accept the fact that a police officer can make a mistake that results in his own death. Most people want to blame someone when a tragedy like this occurs. If only half of what you said was true yesterday, I hope that the jury can do the right thing, the tuff thing and find that young man innocent. You have a difficult road ahead, but thank goodness you are representing that young man. He needs the best to fight against this, what seems to me to be a rush to judgment.

  49. Haley says:

    I am a student currently working on an in-depth research project on Dr. Kevorkian. I was hoping you might be able to help me get in contact with him via email or address. I understand if you are busy and cannot help me, but any information you have would be useful.
    Thank You,

  50. Tracy says:

    Mr. Fieger,
    I am currently a resident of Ionia County where the system is corrupt and only set up to make as much $$ as possible. I am going back to school in the fall for law, and would have never known it was my calling if I hadn’t been raised here. When I was 18 I was charged with a MIP and defended myself. I picked out my jury and cross examined the officers and witnesses and came back with a verdict of “NOT guilty” (one of my best memories). With that said that was only one of the many times I have dealt with this outrageous judicial system and the government here. I have had many accomplishments in arguing with the prosectors and leaving with what the people in this county never have heard of due to the extreme consequences of their charges and corrupt ways of always making sure they stick you with something even with a valid argument. But with that said, I am at a loss with what they are trying to do now. Never did I ever think I would not be able to handle my own (considering I’m not a bad person or hard criminal of any sort), but they have pulled a quick one on me and piled me up over my head. I have contacted your office and am hoping to get representation but I am not on the high scale of the “classes”, partially due to the corrupt system here. The Judge is now MR. RAY VOTE whom I am aware you have met in the past. They have already taken my house, car and credit. I wont let them take another thing from me, as i have already got my house back and a better car than they took. I am sick of watching everyone I know in this town being taken under by their corrupt ways and am begging for some help in setting them straight and making them realize they cannot be above the law. Please, if you have time and find while your reading that this catches your interest, you will not only be helping me but the communtiy as a whole. Thank you for your time.

  51. Scott says:

    The saying is “If you stand for nothing, you will fall for anything”.

  52. Ronald G. Capek says:

    I don’t always agree with you, Mr. Fieger. But I do admire you. And would probably vote for you if you ran for office again.
    I think it’s a good thing that you run the commercials that you do.
    What I don’t like is the saying “If you don’t stand for something, you’ll wind up standing for nothing”.
    I know what you’re saying. But the quote is a cliché.
    Also, Al Queda, the KKK, and neo-nazis all “stand for something”, often with great resolve. And that focus gives them permission to not consider any other belief or issues.

  53. Lucas T. Payzant says:

    Mr.Fieger I caught your proposal on how to better economic deficit plaguing my home town of Detroit and instantly felt inspired. I am a younger event planner currently involved smaller charity cases. I also have involvement in Detroit’s rich music culture. I’ve planned and promoted smaller but successful events with bands and electronic artist from the area. I know I’m but a link in a chain, but I would like to help you get Michigan’s young votes. How can I volunteer to this cause?

  54. Mrs Charles Porter says:

    I am sorry to say I have lost almost all respect I have for the legal system. I believe it has turned out to be a money machine that just rolls over people’s lives. My son got in trouble for shoplifting a $20 item, there is no charge for shoplifting so the court changed it to larceny from a person. He ended up convicted of a felony that was really a misdemeanor. We hired an attorney (Lawrence Greene) who promply told us $5200 dollars upfront and then he split with the money. Never even showed up for court. The first lawyer took us for $10,000, he said he was just shocked at the outcome but never said a word during court. Green told us we should appeal that is how he got his $5000. My son has trouble finding a job with a felony on his record. He has been trying to go to school. He lost his license and with the court and the state fines he can’t get around without breaking the law. Driver responsibility fines are just a way to double fine people for the same offenses. I understand the kid got in trouble but the lawyers and the police keep throwing more and more dirt on top so that the kid will never get out of the hole he put himself in. I think our legal system stinks. I also think that the logo that says “protect and serve” should be removed from every police car. My son stole $20 and got a felony. Lawrence Green stole $5200 dollars from me and much more from others and teaches law at U of Michigan. The other lawyer Gregory Thompson was just a thief and probably still works at it. People like that don’t get punished. How can you respect a system like that. I bought my son a new coat and shoes for Christmas. The police admit he had them when he was arrested but when I went to pick them up they had mysteriously disappeared from the station. Nothing surprises me anymore. I have listened to you talk and I have read your blogs. You sound like a decent man. I am sorry to say I think you are a real minority.

  55. Dee Eads says:

    Truley, Geoffery, if not you then who?

    We were introduced many years ago and I know you would remember if you saw me but that has nothing to do with this note.

    As a resident of the city of Detroit I wish that you would run for mayor. If you legalized/decrimijnalized and taxed prostitution and marijuana Detroit might, just might, find it’s way out of this mess.

    You would make Detroit a national, if not international, destination. Something this city has never been. We would suddenly be the place to be instead of the place to be avoided. People and money would flood into the city. The police would be free to actually stop brutality and crime. Clean up the city and we might indeed become the Emerald City of the MidWest.

    The time is now. Please, please save us!

  56. Jesse Parris says:

    Mr Fieger,

    What ever happened to the family of Aiyana Jones and the court case? Was it settled? It seems all information about the case dropped off last year around May.

    Do you have any links to the updated info? Very interesting case.


    Jesse Parris
    Stamford, Ct

  57. Linda says:

    Cheered your comments this morning on “Off the Record” – finally someone that I agree with…. any chance that you will run for office again? Given the state of the Democratic party in this state, what advise would you give the average MI citizen for ways to move forward to a government that is more in favor of the middle class?

  58. Andrew says:

    If I were to run for Governor of Michigan, what steps must I take today to be qualified for the next election?

  59. teliczan says:

    Hi Geoffrey, I was wondering if I could take your picture for my blog, http://www.MichiganSweetSpot.com I work quick and would like to link back to your blog or website.
    Thanks, Ann

  60. Dear Mr. Fieger,

    Words cannot describe how sad I was to hear about the passing of Dr. Kevorkian. Although I never had the honor of meeting him, he became an intellectual hero of mine about two months ago after I started learning more about him via You Don’t Know Jack, Kevorkian, books, interviews, and anything else about him or by him that I could get my hands on.

    I wrote him a letter in mid-April telling him how grateful I was that he forced people to think about things they didn’t want to think about, and sent him a satire that I had written in which Sarah Palin became President and outlawed menstruation because it “kills babies.” It saddens me that I will never know if he even read them. It saddens me that I won’t get to meet him at the book tour he was scheduled to do in NYC this fall.

    But it saddens me the most that he will never utter another word again. And these days 83 seems a little too early to die. He struck me as a really amazing and unique person with an incredible mind, and I confess that this morning, a day after I learned about his death, I had tears in my eyes. If his death had such an impact on me, a mere fan, I cannot begin to imagine what you and his other friends/loved ones must be going through right now.

    Anyway, I wrote a tribute to him on my blog. If you are interested in reading it, click here: http://inyourfacenewyorker.blogspot.com/2011/06/dr-jack-kevorkian-dead-at-83-52628-6311.html

    I hope you enjoy it.

    All Good Wishes,

    Julie (known online as InYourFaceNewYorker) from Brooklyn, NY

  61. inyourfacenewyorker says:

    Dear Mr. Fieger,

    Words cannot describe how sad I was to hear about the passing of Dr. Kevorkian. Although I never had the honor of meeting him, he became an intellectual hero of mine about two months ago after I started learning more about him via You Don’t Know Jack, Kevorkian, books, interviews, and anything else about him or by him that I could get my hands on.

    I wrote him a letter in mid-April telling him how grateful I was that he forced people to think about things they didn’t want to think about, and sent him a satire that I had written in which Sarah Palin became President and outlawed menstruation because it “kills babies.” It saddens me that I will never know if he even read them. It saddens me that I won’t get to meet him at the book tour he was scheduled to do in NYC this fall.

    But it saddens me the most that he will never utter another word again. And these days 83 seems a little too early to die. He struck me as a really amazing and unique person with an incredible mind, and I confess that Saturday morning, a day after I learned about his death, I had tears in my eyes. If his death had such an impact on me, a mere fan, I cannot begin to imagine what you and his other friends/loved ones must be going through right now.

    Anyway, I wrote a tribute to him on my blog. If you are interested in reading it, click here: http://inyourfacenewyorker.blogspot.com/2011/06/dr-jack-kevorkian-dead-at-83-52628-6311.html

    I hope you enjoy it.

    All Good Wishes,

    Julie (known online as InYourFaceNewYorker) from Brooklyn, NY

  62. InYourFaceNewYorker says:

    I also want to tell you that your speech about Kevorkian from the other day was deeply moving. I loved your line about grabbing society by the scruff of the neck… it was very poetic and a very powerful image. I don’t think I’ll ever forget that line. And it sounds like you were a very good friend to him and the two of you were lucky to have known each other. Once again, it’s a great regret that his is a hand I will never get to shake.


  63. InYourFaceNewYorker says:

    And one more thing, a video I made on YouTube regarding my thoughts about Dr. Kevorkian, his death, and his legacy: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qh-ezGI8Yzc

  64. BC says:

    Mr. Fieger – I have been watching the Casey Anthony case in Florida looking for your expert legal opinion on the case the defense is presenting. I am hoping to see you on one of the media outlets. I always love hearing your opinion on high profile cases that you are not handling. I am a big fan of yours. Thanks.

    A fan from Minnesota

  65. Hey Geoff,

    I trust the ANTHONY not guilty outcome came as no surprise to you. Thank you for your logic, common sense and passion over the years. May you live to be 100 plus-God Bless you.

  66. InYourFaceNewYorker says:


    Ugh, when I hear about things like this I wonder if it really is about evidence truly not adding up or if it is about a charismatic lawyer playing on the emotions of the jury without a shred of rationale involved. To be fair, I haven’t followed this case closely but I think it’s a question worth asking. Just like it’s worth asking why the hell O.J. Simpson was acquitted for brutally murdering two people while Dr. Jack Kevorkian was sent up for a little over eight years for putting a suffering man out of his misery.


  67. Jeanne Katz and Garry Katz says:

    Dear Geoffrey,

    I wanted to make a plea and a suggestion to you to please start mentioning the trouble that the Michigan Medical Marijuana patients are encountering due to Bill Schuette and his tyrant rule. I want you to run for Governer of Michigan or Attorney General and you should “tap” into this group and talk about the civil rights violations that the medical marijuana patients have been facing now. This group is much larger than you can imagine and to approve of medical marijuana would be a big plus for a person running for office. MMM patients are sick people and have rights, the voters approved; 63%. I have stage 3B breast cancer and have encountered much trouble with my rights as a licensed medical marijuana patient. What we are going through is truly a violation. You should be a guest speaker on “Planetgreentrees” radio blog with attorney Michael Komorn which you can listen to every week on Tuesday or Wednesday evenings at 8p-10p. If you looked into the act and then looked into what the appeals court is ruling on, you would be shocked. This would be your calling to help the truly sick benefiting from the use of marijuana state wide. Please help us.

    ps…Garry went to high school with you

    Garry and Jeanne Katz

  68. Jeanne Katz and Garry Katz says:

    Also, the medical marijuana community is having a rally September 7th in Lansing at 12 noon. You would be a great speaker and your presence would draw more people and bring more attention to you as an advocate with your civil rights stance and may get you on the news which I want the public to be aware of your comassionate opinions on this matter. This is quite news worthy right now and people need you.

  69. Jeanne Katz says:

    From a charged and then convicted legal medical marijuana patient is the newspaper comment written to our local paper and has been a advocate in our defense:

    To ruin the life of a person that has a documented, serious qualifying illness (wife has stage 3B breast cancer and husband convicted has rheumatoid arthritis), a bonified relationship with a doctor, has been approved and has a State of Michigan medical marijuana card that entitles them the right to grow and use medical marijuana for their illness and then to be raided by LAWNET, charged with a felony, convicted of manufacturing marijuana by being forced to plea bargain by threats of more charges because of a losing situation where if even taken to trial to reasonably fight the charge, the FACT of a medical marijuana defense cannot even be uttered at trial and given 2 years probation, lose their driving license for 6 months and be forced to go to a Catholic drug rehab program (by the way we are of Jewish faith) and for 2 years on probation to be subject to surprise visits by a probation officer, including nightly visits at random….also being told by probation officer that my wife cannot have use or her medicine at our home where she is registered to have it, is all part of our prosecutors and our Attorney General Bill Shuette’s agenda to destroy the entire act with fear and threats, blatantly ignoring the will “of the people”. To be raided and charged with breaking a law that wasn’t even decided on by the Appeals Court until many months after the charge, is not only unconstitutional, just plain wrong and a violation of civil rights, which I am sure was not the intention of the voters in support of medical marijuana. Yet, it is done and will be zealously done to many others. Our current judicial system, the police, prosecutors and our politicians will never be sensible to accept this right for sick people. Truly, BILL SCHUETTE SHOULD BE RECALLED and the people in the judicial system of Livingston County should be voted out if their positions require a vote by the people. I love my country and my county of Livingston, but this leans toward tyranny and a total disregard for the will of the people. Ignorant tyrants should not govern. Let me quote one of our forefathers, Thomas Jefferson: I predict future happiness for Americans if they can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them.

    By the way, I have also been in touch with Gerry Spence per emails about our situation.

    Following is the news coverage in our local paper in our defense:
    To view the contents on http://www.livingstondaily.com, go to:

  70. Lisa says:

    Mr Fieger,
    While I know it’s been many years since the trials of Jack Kevorkian, I wonder, did you ever agree with his views on assisted sucicide? Would you, if ever given the opportunity from a political standpoint, push this issue forward? With health care in this country in shambles and so many “terminally ill” patients recieving treatments just to prolong their lives, do you think individuals, with terminal illnesses, should have the right to say enough is enough and recieve a leathal dose of some medication? What about the idea of people being responsible for themselves and the cares they choose to recieve or not to recieve? What about having it be made manditory to obtain a driver’s licence only after that individual fills out advanced directives? That way millions of dollars could potentally be saved in health care. Then doctors wouldn’t be forced to do whatever they could to save a life, they’d have to follow what that patients request was to have done in their individual advanced directives. Just a thought and would love to hear your views!

  71. Rick Tolin says:

    I just listened to your eulogy of Mr. Goff. Almost as an exercise, I reminisced about him based on your eulogy. I thank you for the opportunity to do that, as it allowed me to recall a lot about Mr. Goff and what he meant to me. You spoke accurately for many, most and maybe almost all of his students.

    Nice job.


  72. Matthew says:

    Mr. fieger,

    Would you consider another run for governor in 2014? I believed in you the first time around and think you could defeat Snyder hands down! The Democrats in Michigan need a big name candidate to take on Snyder and in a debate, you would wipe the floor with him! I hope you at least don’t rule it out. Any thoughts?

  73. Simon says:

    I read so much about you what you have done with Mr. Jack Kevorkian keeping him out of jail. Every single human should decide whether you shall live or die, not the right of some overzealous group to dictate how you should live. What your father was amazing. by abolish the unpopular poll tax in the South which was only taxed for black voters, white were not charge a single penny. No matter where you live in the world, someone human right is taken away. What would happen if you were told that something (like being brainwashed) when you are something else you know it, but with a group of narrow minded people still stick to their guns, how would you feel. Maybe I do not explain myself to good on the telephone. I just hopefully one day you might consider doing cases outside the United States, you can make a huge difference in the world human rights movement, protecting the innocence from the Nanny Controlled State. Who knows maybe I will find someone as good as you that can take a human rights case outside the United States. I would like to thank everyone in Fieger Law for trying their best to help me as best as they can, it is too bad you just can not assist me any further, not everyone is like superman. There are limitations anyone can do, Thank Geoffrey for everything and wishes you the best of luck.

  74. Nancy Behen says:

    I have to be honest with you and say that you have never been a favorite of mine. BUT I just saw a spot on TV with you talking about racism and our president. I loved what you had to say re: all the people who keep talking about where President Obama was born, etc. I believe, as you do, if he were a white man there would not be all these questions.

  75. Al Trudeau says:

    I believe that Nancy Behen (above) hit the thumb right on the nail!!!

  76. BOBBY THREE says:

    I just saw the same PSA? spot, and kudos to you Mr Fieger for having the courage to finally say publically what Black people (and honest Whites) have known all along. The hypocracy surrounding racism and bigotry in this country in general, and in southeastern Michigan in particular, has been long overdue for exposure to the light of day. BIGOTS BEWARE! THERE’S A NEW SHERIFF IN TOWN.

  77. Dave says:

    Mr Fieger, Your spot regarding the racism towards the President on TV the other night was Dynamite, it stopped my wife & I in our tracks as we listened. You were spot on! “Kudo’s” to you, the world needs more people like you!
    Thank you

  78. Madeline Miotto says:

    Mr. Feiger, you need to rescind your ad because your facts are incorrect. Mitt Romney was born in Detroit, MI…it was his father, George, who was born in Mexico.

  79. Al Trudeau says:

    If I heard the TV spot correctly, and I think I did, Fieger DID say correctly that it was George Romney, the father, who was born in Mexico, not Mitt.

  80. Dave says:

    The PSA stated clearly that Mitts father “George” was born in Mexico!

  81. William Freigruber says:

    After watching you on ‘Let It Rip’ one thing is very clear. You are an egotist and a racist. While everyone else let you talk you refused to listen or let others speak. Maybe it’s your background as an attorney. You only served to prove the jokes about them as true. It’s not having a black man in the white house it’s having this man in there. I retired from a manufacturing plant in Detroit and have many close friends of both colors. We went on vacations with them. How many black attorneys are in your law firm ? From the pictures I’d say you speak with a forked tongue. I would gladly have voted for Colin Powell because I trust his judgement. President Obama has done nothing to advance this country or for the average American. My children and grandchild will never be able to pay the amount he has put us in debt in just three years. Only the 1%, as you are, can afford it. My past respect for has gone down the drain with this latest tirade. I voted for you before but would never again. You don’t know what people are all about until they tell you !

  82. Amy says:

    Wish you had an area on here that we could get to all your PSAs/commercials.

  83. LINDA says:

    Being Canadian I was unaware of the the “in my America” campaign. I had gone to the site to give him Kodos. We see his commercial in Canada and I am very impressed. At first when he was just adverising himself and his law firm I just felt he was a very smooth salesman. Then when he started getting political I became impressed. Not just a showman.after all. I had done a 160. Can’t do a 180 because I am a cynic.

    Now looking around a bit more I find he was also Kevorkiens lawyer; now i’m upto 175 degrees.

    Wow, I just read a feww other blogs, u do have your strang ones too. Guess that goes with the territory.

    Anyway, like I said before you can come to Canada any time. WE GET YOU1


  84. Jill Lampinen says:

    I was wondering what your position is on the various propositions on this year’s ballot, where you stand on the various candidates for court positions, and why you have those positions. It is difficult to get information beyond the ad campaigns.


  85. Randall Prater says:

    You call racism, and I say a dog smells his own shit first, and I say your the racist…I dont understand how you think your so smart, and can’t figure out economics 101 that when you raise taxes, that buisness’s just pass that cost onto the consumer. Unions are breaking the backs of many people in the private sector and only benefits those who are in the Unions. You know this country can’t finacially pay for the retirement of every union employee, and neither can the Unions. The GM bailout which I was agianst was created by George Bush, and who gets the credit? I know I touched on a few different issues, but issues that every american should be easily to see, and be able to look right thru the lying Democrats, and stop providing the unions money to elect who they want, instead of who is like our fore father’s

  86. InYourFaceNewYorker says:

    Randall, if you’re going to comment on somebody else’s intelligence, make sure you do so with correct spelling and grammar.

  87. Tammy says:

    Randall, if you are going to accuse the Democrats of using the unions money to get elected, please look carefully at who funded the right to work legislation. I believe you will find that it was funded by the rich Republicans (can you say DeVoss, et al?). Also I suggest you check your facts about unions with the US census right to work states are 7 of the 10 poorest in the nation and statistically they have the poorest relations with labor, fewer benefits, and shorter life expectancy.

  88. Martha says:

    Dear Mr. Fieger,

    I saw your commercial on television today and,I would like to say thank you for speaking out on the injustice of the Right To Work Law!! I would also like to ask if you would work with the unions and others to change what has taken place today. Do we the people have options now? How can we undue what has been done to us legally? Please use your expertise in the law to help the citizens of michigan get their voices back. I do not know you but, I sensed the sincerity of your message and, I know you have the ability to search the laws and come up with a solution to this unjust matter. Thank you in advance. Martha

  89. JB says:

    Mr. Fieger,

    I just heard your interview on the Paul W Smith show this morning and was intrigued with your concern for the economic future of Michigan. This in light of the new “right-to-work” bill that was used as a weapon against the unions for pure political motives. It is obvious that our great state has struggled in the past several years. But, for anyone to think this forced path is best for the future is sadly mistaken. There is a reason that most of the money to fund the recent Republican attack on Michigan has come from out of state billionaires. And, it’s NOT for the benefit of the people. I sincerely hope that you will run for Governor and restore the proper democracy and history of this great state.

  90. chris says:

    I want to thank you for the commercial radio messages you made on , right to work for less AND weaken unions law , my feelings that day and lately have been darker but you added some fire . I also see the lame ducks are pushing more guns out there and weakening a women’s right to choose , these people are taking us back to the dark age,, yes god help Michigan!.

    p.s. I think if there are more guns out there the nra will also push for laws that make it easier to use that gun and call it self defense – just saying .

  91. Colette RIFFENBURG says:

    Dear Mr. Fieger: My husband and I are retired State of Michigan employees who have a total of 66 years of experience with the government and the problems it has. Dick & I have been married almost 46 years and live in Northern MIchigan. We have two adult children, one of whom is 41 years old and Developmentally Disabled. She is is care 24/7. I am a woman who is 65 (almost) years old, and was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease more than a decade ago. I was wondering if we could talkl with you personally about our situation – something happened this month to me that I would rather not speak of on your blog – for obvious reasons. I NEED HELP and I believe you are about the only one in this country who can help – I am a getting a little desperate b/c other conditions have set in that could kill me in the long run, if i don’t receive treatment appropriate to condition. Thank you for your consideration. B/c of the Pakinson’s disease, it is very hard for me to repeat information to two or three other attornies before I have even a chance to talk w/lyou about it directly. PD has affected my speech pattern but NOT my BRAIN – not yet anyway!
    Again, thank you.

  92. Please call the office at 248 355-5555 and let them know you have a possible case. If you have trouble speaking, you can fill out our case submission form on my website http://www.fiegerlaw.com.

  93. InYourFaceNewYorker says:

    Mr. Fieger, it is probably very naive of me to post this and expect you to watch it but I wanted to tell you I did a video tribute to your friend Dr. Jack Kevorkian. This isn’t one of those “tributes” where somebody takes a bunch of random clips and chucks it against random music (usually heavy death metal). It’s actually to the tune of Queen’s “Hammer to Fall” and it is timed very meticulously. Took me a couple weeks to do. Anyway, if you watch it, I hope you like it:

  94. Marc says:

    I am a big fan of yours.

  95. jamil brooks says:

    I want to meet u,

  96. antwewan says:


  97. Steve Wasilevich says:

    Steve Was says: June 18,2013 8:31pm PLEASE HELP ME….I Have HadDiabetes Since Age 6 For 54 Years. I Am In Pretty Good Shape Except 6 Yars Ago I Underwent A Leg Bypass For Lack Of Blood Flow.It Is Now 6 Years Later. I Went Back To The Same Vascular Surgeon For The Other Leg. He Put Me On Plavix And Tol Me I Wasnt Bad Enough. Come To Find Out I Was 90% Blocked And I Now Have The Front Of My Foot Amputated. If It Wasnt For Another Doctor I Woulnt Have My Leg Either. The Previous Doctor Obvious New I Had Vascular Problems Starting To Happen Why Didnt He ByPass Me And I Would Still Have Balance And The Rest Of My Foot? I Want To Sue The SOB.PLEASE HELP I REally Want You Mr. Fieger Not Anyone Else

  98. Please call the office and speak to someone in the intake department. 248 355-5555

  99. steve says:

    Best attorney in the us if there was 1person in the
    World I could meet it would be you I wish too God u would be r next governor off mi I know u would b good @,fair God bless u @ur family

  100. Neda says:

    Good Afternoon Mr. Feiger!

    I was just wondering about your thoughts on the Ibragim Todashev case…. He is the Chechen friend of the alleged Boston Bomber, Tamerlan Tsarnaev, that was summarily executed in his home by the FBI. This case is setting some pretty dangerous precedents that (I feel) ALL American Citizens should be worried about.

    Ibragim’s mother in law, who has served in the armed forces for quite a long time, is now being railroaded by her superiors… they are not happy with the awareness her daughter is drawing to the case. They have even discontinued her financial benefit payments…. What are your thoughts on that?

  101. Anj says:

    I think my fellow apathetic Americans could wake up (democrats and republicans and all in between) after articles about Civil Asset Forfeiture. I just think Americans are asleep with reality tv and games or preoccupied with staying afloat. If this link won’t display, just google Civil Asset Forfeiture by Sarah Stillman (at the New Yorker), or Donald P Scott or Ethel Hylton.

    It would be great if the knowledge of this spreads. Once people understand how these laws work to take our property WITHOUT EVER BEING CHARGED WITH A CRIME, maybe they will stand up. This abuse works because the burden of proof is shifted to the citizen meaning ‘guilty until proven innocent’. This abuse works because the citizen has to come up with the paid attorney and the evidence. This abuse now works to the tune of 2 BILLION DOLLARS A YEAR . And if you think these people were just a bunch of lowlifes that should have been searched, pulled over, or killed… then you are the ones that should read her article TWICE!

  102. Jackie Denboer says:

    Mr. Forger,
    What is your opinion on the Child Protective Service system. How do you fight them when they over step their boundaries??

    Jackie Denboer

  103. Jackie Denboer says:

    Mr. Fieger. Jackie Denboer here again. Sorry about the spell check error on your name. My deepest apologies for not proofing first. Sincerely, jackie

  104. Denez Engram says:


    Event Name: Stop the Violence Basketball Game
    When: March 1, 2014
    Where: Loyola High School; 15325 Pinehurst Ave. Detroit, MI 48238

    Event Info: Stop The Violence Movement will be holding a community basketball game event with different Detroit businesses/organizations on each team. This event is for both adults and children and is opened up by prayer and a short speech about bringing unity back to the community. Besides the regular game there will be a dunk contest, face painting, raffle gift giveaway, food/snacks available, and etc.

    The Stop the Violence is a movement recently started to promote positivity in our neighborhood and is part of Continuous Change non-profit organization. We’re committed in change and believe in our youth and young adults! Stop the Violence has already held several events helping and giving back ranging from feeding the homeless; a back to school skating party for the kids with school supplies giveaway; and block parties with free food, entertainment, and prizes. At this event we would love to adopt a family in need, assisting in anything from food, shelter, and any other expenses that is in need.

    We are in need of sponsors! We would love to provide the best services to our neighborhood as possible, and with the help of the community we can achieve that.

    For more details contact Denez Engram at (586)362-7397 or email us at stoptheviolencedetroit@gmail.com

  105. Lauren Vaughn says:

    Dear Mr. Fieger,
    I am currently a student enrolled in the International Baccalaureate program at Bartow High School (#2 high school in the US). I and 3 of my peers are working on a National History Day Documentary focused on euthanasia/assisted suicide. We really admire your work as an attorney, especially concerning the Jack Kevorkian case you handled. If you would answer a few of our questions for use in our documentary, it would be much appreciated.

    1. What are your current views on assisted suicide/euthanasia?
    2. Can you describe the experience you had working with Kevorkian?
    3. Why did you decide to take Kevorkian’s case?
    4. How did working on the Kevorkian case affect you?
    5. If given a choice, would you be willing to take a similar case?

    Thank you. If further contact is required, feel free to email us at assistedsuicideeuthanasia@gmail.com

  106. Patricia McPherson says:

    Dear Mr. Fieger,
    I see that you are handling the East Detroit Schools drowning case.
    I think you should include PESG and the State of Michigan, the Legislature, and Governor Snyder as defendants in the case.
    Are you aware that PESG did not exist a few years ago? They are like a Kelly Services. They have taken the task of calling for substitute teacher coverage out of the hands of the school district, and with it any requirement of credentials. In 2011, the legislature took seniority away from teachers, making it easier to get rid of old teachers and prevent them from substitute teaching after retirement. PESG states they do not want certified retired teachers to bother applying to substitute; in fact, it is not allowed. Instead, PESG recruits anyone with 90 college credits, and these unqualified people substitute teach in our schools while certified teachers are cut out.
    Do not be fooled – PESG knew Mr. Sails’ qualifications. Like anyone PESG hires on to “teach” our schoolchildren, he was not qualified. I am not sure Mr. Sails is even liable because he shouldn’t have been doing that job.
    I knew something crazy would happen with this PESG, but I did not think it would be this terrible. Districts oursourcing substitute teachers is a terrible idea, and it is the Michigan Legislature’s fault this has happened. Sue them all!

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