Sexual Harassment is Not Politics

November 27, 2017

Roy Moore may be the drop that burst the dam, but the long sad history of men using power to sexualize and objectify women reaches back millennia. Recently the news about Al Franken broke, signaled by the same man (Roger Stone) using the same language (“time in the barrel”) used to announce the Wikileaks release of hacked e-mails from the Clinton Campaign. There is a political side to this issue, but this is a far more import issue than the election of a Senator (or President for that matter). The fact is that women have been abused subtly and not so subtly in our society and it’s long past the time to end it. The boy’s club should be closed.  It is not enough to reject physical sexual assault of women and tolerate verbal assault, or economic and social assault. But how to change?

Men are getting pretty nervous about now. Welcome to the experience of women. What is harassment and what is not? Is inviting a women coworker out for drinks after work harassment or a good will gesture? When is a joke a joke and when is it an assault? What is OK or not OK? Here are some suggestions guys…

If you want to share a joke, an invitation, or conversation with a woman in the workplace (or anywhere else), how about asking yourself if you would be good with someone doing that to your own daughter? How about treating women respectfully with clear boundaries until the woman knows you well enough to understand your motive? How about questioning your own motives first? How about asking women for permission and respecting their answer?

Of course, it will be hard on men for a while, and why not? It wasn’t men who precipitated this social change – it took the courage of women speaking out. Even now, victims of abuse from men are attacked and risk attempts to smear, shame and bully them into silence. Guess what? It doesn’t work anymore. We men have to change, and if we don’t know how to change then let the women around you define what that change looks like. Wow! You mean let women have some control? Yes, that’s right.

Even now, we can only begin to see the outlines of the path to change. Liberal men do it. Conservative men do it. It is a problem that transcends politics, but political ideology seems to be a defining aspect of responses. Al Franken immediately admitted the truth and apologized for behavior over a decade earlier and before he became a Senator. Trump and Moore attack their victims. Kind of ironic, if not sad, that the Party of Family Values is now becoming the Party of pedophiles. Whether it’s fair or not to be paying the price for behavior done decades ago, there is a moral difference between admitting your behavior was wrong and denying it and attacking the woman involved.

Some well-intentioned men, confused and fearful of their own past behavior being exposed, resent being put in the position where they may be “inconvenienced” by having to question their behavior toward women. Change is never easy, and for men in this society change is long overdue. We can start by rejecting the attempts to victimize women who speak out.

Dumb Dynasty

January 9, 2014

It happened with mind-boggling speed, a media thermo-nuclear blast of controversy – cable news was shocked … shocked that an uneducated, self described “bible-thumping” redneck from backwoods Louisiana would condemn homosexuality and claim that blacks were happy and singing before the civil rights era. Sara Palin and the sub-cortical right immediately jumped to the defense of the “gospel”, conveniently leaving out the commentary on civil rights (after all, didn’t St. Paul tell slaves to “obey” their masters?).

I was fascinated by the fact that Thomas Jefferson edited his own Bible to include only those quotes attributed to Jesus. Read what Jesus actually said in the bible and there is nothing there about gay marriage, or slavery as an institution (He does point out the slavery of hatred).  Thus we were subjected to a panoply of hypocrites like serial adulterer Newt Gingrich, and Sarah Palin (remember Glenn Rice?) defending hate speech in yet another manufactured crisis and corporate marketing opportunity. We are living in the dumb dynasty of cable news.

Time to turn off the TV. As for me, I am glad I am unburdened by hatred of anyone.


Tina Fey, Joe Scarborough…

January 13, 2009

Why can’t I watch Tina Fey win a Golden Globe Award and not help but to think of Sarah Palin? I couldn’t tell if she was being authentic or mocking Palin once again when she was on stage last night. Someone should give her a medal as well.

By the way, has anyone seen the interview where Zbigniew Brzezinski tells interviewer Joe Scarborough that his knowledge of Middle East policy and history was breathtakingly superficial and how embarrassed he was to even listen to Scarborough ask questions? Nice…