Terrorists in America

December 3, 2015

If the terrorist who attacked and murdered at the Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood were Muslim there would be 24/7 coverage in the media and Fox News Cable would be blaming it all on President Obama. Okay, maybe they are blaming President Obama anyway, but the point is that the most murderous incident of domestic terrorism since Ft. Hood is being written off by the media.

Ms. Fiorina and other GOP nabobs have been inciting people against Planned Parenthood with lies about live babies being killed for body parts for weeks and the actions of men like Mr. Dear were predictable. Where is the condemnation of these pro-life Mullahs? Where are the calls to root out these right wing terrorists? There are none, in part because there are many Americans who sympathize with the actions of Mr. Dear.

Pro-life rhetoric has long advocated the idea that abortion is the “murder of children” and that we are all obligated to protect these children. Planned Parenthood and even many clinics that treat women and do not perform abortions have been forced for years to tolerate threats (and actual acts) of violence. This couldn’t happen without the enabling of many pro-life Americans.

So the next time you hear someone question why so many Muslims quietly tolerate or even support terrorists, take a look at our own enabling of right wing, pro-life terrorists.