Sarah the Shopper

Bridge to Nowhere: $298,000,000
V.P. Shopping spree: $149,000
Hearing Sarah Palin explain the Constitutional duties of Vice President: Priceless

2 Responses to Sarah the Shopper

  1. Patricia Jankowski says:

    The money that she used for that shopping spree would have enabled me to retire comfortably from my nursing profession about ten years sooner than I will probably end up doing.

    I’m not very happy with Ms. Palin.

    I’m even less happy with Wall Street.

    I’m even less happy than that with former President Bush.

    I’m extremely unhappy with giant HMOs and insurance companies and their lobbyists.

    I’m even more extremely unhappy with Big Pharma and its nearly total lack of ethics when it comes to giving gifts and samples to young medical students and to doctors to prescribe for patients before they’ve even been thoroughly tested.

    I’m even more extremely unhappier than that with for-profit corporations that call themselves hospitals and who no longer deliver medical and nursing care, but who instead deliver “customer service”, based upon protocols created by people with MBA’s who have never seen a sick person in their lives and who would probably faint if they came across one. Some of the more observant members of my own profession call this the “Walmartization of health care”.


    I’m even more unhappy than all of the above unhappinesses with folks who JUST AREN’T PAYING ATTENTION.

    You may ask, well, what DOES make me happy?

    This blog, and also those who do pay attention.

    We’re out there.


  2. InYourFaceNewYorker says:

    Whenever Sarah Palin opens her mouth, she releases a neurotoxin that causes anybody who inhales it to drop 50 IQ points.

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