It’s So Cold In the “D”

A few years back a You-Tube video made by some kids in Detroit went viral. “It’s So Cold in the D” was the object of derision because it was so poorly written and sung by a group of poor black kids, and because it offered a glimpse of a culture very foreign to most white Americans. (It even had a moment on the infamous “Beavis and Butthead” cartoon). On the surface, it seemed to confirm many stereotypes of urban, black youths. I couldn’t help but see past those stereotypes and listen to what they were saying. The message was sublime and profound at the same time.

The song laments the violence that is an everyday aspect of life in Detroit. Last year, Detroit set a record on the number of homicides – more than 1 homicide everyday was committed in Detroit. Add on countless incidents of less deadly violence, and one can only wonder how any family could survive in Detroit. I am not bashing Detroit, there are many families surviving and many good aspects of living in Detroit. However, what these children were singing about was as much a plea as it was a statement. It is so cold in the “D”, and the question is spot on “what are we going to do?”

5 Responses to It’s So Cold In the “D”

  1. Jon Awbrey says:

    Maybe I’m naive about the past, or my memory hazy, but it seems there was a time when we at least tried to use our intelligence to solve the problems of life in our society, and our leaders encouraged us to seek our best lights. Now it seems like our so-called leaders pander to our lowest fears, constantly hitting us in the knees as we knee-jerk our way through one damn outrage after another.

  2. Runty says:

    Legalize drugs. They would have no reason to kill for drug money then.

  3. Runty says:

    Besides if drugs were legal they wouldn’t be so appealing to the youth they want something they can’t have…and the prices will go down. I hate drugs, but seems like the killings for leather jackets etc. are all for drug money, gangs, or domestic….

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