Detroit Development

Detroit may be making a comeback and that is a great thing. What would I do to revitalize Detroit? I would start with a plan. More and more younger people are moving into Detroit, especially the downtown area. But development in Detroit is happening like reforesting after a devastating forest fire. In the midst of a lot of desolation there are isolated pockets of growth and revitalization. The Midtown and Entertainment districts are virtually booming, and the Hart Plaza area is also developing. In between these areas are blocks of deserted and crumbling buildings. A plan to connect these areas should be developed, such as the proposed fast rail down Woodward Ave. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a shopping district with real grocery stores and hardware stores. Maybe even a gas station or two.

Even more important to the ultimate success of Detroit would be the planning and development of neighborhoods in these districts. Real neighborhoods with schools, playgrounds, etc. Detroit cannot be revitalized with young people coming downtown to apartments. Sooner or later, they will want a family and a home. In cities such as New York and Pittsburg people are hired to develop an actual plan – a “big picture” plan to sustain growth.

Finally, a great city has to:

1)      Pick up all the garbage and litter;

2)      Provided street lighting to the entire city;

3)      Maintain all the parks and city pools;

4)      Provide a visible and deterrent police presence on the streets;

5)      Shovel the snow.

If we did just that, Detroit would be a really great city again.

2 Responses to Detroit Development

  1. says:

    Sir, you are oh so right on with this! I miss Detroit, the city has been a $h¡t hole for as long as I can remember but I can look at the builds and see the past. I once lived at Military and Verner, a place no one moves to by choice, but I loved it there. I worked in the burbs and lived in the city. I often would wonder when will we have a city like Chicogo, New York, Nashville, or Teronto. The people are the best in the D! Of all the places my past work had sent me and now all the places of the world I travel with the Army my thoughts are always “I miss Detroit” I’ll make it back there when my duty is done with the Army and I will pray that you can help to bring the city around! There is just to much to say here about why the city is in its current state but I think those that are truthful to themselves know how it was done and have to bring it back! Good luck to you sir! I will happily join your fight when I get back!

  2. Rex A. Umney says:

    It is true! Detroit, downtown anyway; is really starting to look good! But many of these areas are that way because of the big business that surrounds them such as GM, Comerica Park, Greek town – MGM – Motor City casinos and the big courts.

    It’s a great thing to hear you say that Detroit is on it’s way back Mr. Fieger, as I have said the same thing several times in here! It would also have to make you wonder how it’s possible given the current events (EFM). Is it possible less government is the key to such a quick turn around? Maybe, but then who would provide all them free one-way taxi rides for the bums that would otherwise line these now bustling swanky streets? You know I hear they are taken out to a farm where they can run free and live better [rolls eyes]. Truth be known Downtown Detroit is so busy now days on the weekends that a squatting bum is likely to get trampled over by guys wearing wing tips and ladies with their high heels. As you sit down for dinner at Fishbones you literally watch herds of people come and go out the window and it’s almost seems like frenzy!

    More and more movies are being made in Detroit too, and anyone who has not seen the ABC TV Series “Detroit 187” is really missing out if they like CSI and Law and Order type shows. Highly recommended! It only made it for one season but I am hoping they will bring it back. The new Transformers movie is being filmed in Detroit and not long ago they filmed an episode of “Scream” right here in my hometown of Plymouth, along with a few other smaller productions.

    It’s quite clear that choking business development with BS codes and regulations has not worked for Detroit. The government is not going to save Detroit, BUSINESS will save Detroit and a bustling down town that’s a “Draw” is good for the entire state.

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