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I was talking with a friend the other day who argued that the “end times” are upon us and that Trump was the anti-Christ. He cited biblical verses to justify his belief, centered on the battle of Armageddon being predicted to be near Syria where a geo-political and religious war puts Israeli, various Muslim sects, American and Russian troops into potential armed conflict that could go nuclear.

The anti-Christ would have a tremendous ego and the power to deceive and control people. Trump bragged that he could murder someone and get the same support, and now we know for sure he could brag about sexually assaulting women and his support remains the same. Trump supporters often ascribe religious connotations to Trump as some sort of “messenger”, and if you have ever been to a Trump rally you might believe that you are among the true believers who always rave about how he delivers the “truth”. Whatever Trump says does not matter to his supporters (“he is not a politician”) and whatever he does doesn’t matter (“he did that years ago before he even thought of running for office”), and the media is just lying about what he really meant to say. These are true believers in a man who routinely violates their self-proclaimed Christian values. Here is some of the evidence he cited:

Daniel 2: Anti-Christ will have a head of gold.  We all know who likes gold so much from his hair to his towers, but the recent revelation that his airplane toilets are gilded with gold was a dead giveaway (we all know another name for the toilet is “the head”).

Luke 17:28 predicts rampant gluttony (Trump is obese), selling and building (e.g. Casinos, Trump Tower, etc.), and sexual immorality (grab them by the you-know-what).

Matthew 24:4 predicts that the many false profits will emerge claiming to be Christian. Trump does say he is a Christian but the “only one” who can save the country.

Matthew 24:7 predicts earthquakes all over the world and in 2016 there have been a record number of earthquakes in unusual places – roughly 3000/month (some say due to fracking but Christians know it’s from the end times) and famines (some say due to climate change, but Christians know it’s the end times)

The bible predicts that many Christians will be killed. Trump knows we are at war with Islam because they hate Christians, and thousands of Christians are being slaughtered in American urban areas every year (some say from gun violence, but Christians know it’s due to the end times – and black people). He went on and on, citing scripture and linking it to disasters all over the world from Zika to hurricanes to violence and sexual immorality – until he hit on something that shook me to the bone.

John 14:1 “You know the way to the place I am going”.

“So what?”, I asked – “we all know the place Trump is taking us”. “You don’t understand” he said “if you subtract 1 and add 4 and 1 to the address to Trump Tower you know what you get? 666 – the sign of the Anti-Christ.” He told me that he considered voting for Trump once but now that he knows the truth he wanted to Tweet it to everyone, but he wanted to wait until 4 am, because “only drunk or high people Tweet at 3 am”.

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