As the employer of a large law firm my employees and my clients look to me for leadership, especially when trials begin and the battling begins. I am aware of the responsibility I have to lead them past their anxieties and fears and get us all to where we want to be. I don’t know if I am one of those so-called “born leaders”, I consciously try to emulate those qualities in the leaders I have admired over the years, people such as Dr. King and Robert Kennedy. Which is why I have been so disappointed and confused by President Obama during this tax “compromise” issue – well, actually since he took office.

Maybe he is not a leader who can get what is right by sheer effort of will and effort. Maybe he is a community organizer, who gets people together to work on “something” for the sake of working together more than the goal itself. Unfortunately, the problems we face right now in this country are too great and the opposition to getting there so intransigent, that we need a leader, not a compromiser, and increasingly President Obama does not look like a leader.

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