Economic Morality

The House of Representatives passed the Ryan budget yesterday. To be more precise, the Republicans passed the budget. On the same day, Congress also let unemployment benefits for hundreds of thousands of unemployed families expire. We could debate the economic effects of these actions (although the European experience with “austerity” budgets is a clear failure), but let’s take a moment to look at what the Ryan budget tells us about our values. Republicans are fond of citing budgets as “moral statements”, and they are. Budgets reflect our values – what we consider to be priorities. In this sense then, historians hundreds of years from now may look at the Ryan Budget for insight. What will they see?

Future historians would certainly conclude that in 2012 the political establishment  concluded that there is a major socio-economic crisis: the poor have far too much money and the rich don’t have enough money. Programs that feed children in poverty, provide shelter and care for impoverished elderly citizens and education programs to help poor and middle-class students to attend college are eliminated or significantly cut; while the richest citizens receive (another) reduction in taxes. Infrastructure spending is essentially reduced as is spending for technology innovation. The defense budget is the only sector of the budget to continue to grow.

Put another way, if the Ryan budget were translated into a family budget it would look like the following: we have decided to not feed the kids, not send them to school, not repair the leaky roof, kick out grandma and spend most of our family income on buying ammunition for our guns. 

Those are the values of the Republican Party. Not ours. 

8 Responses to Economic Morality

  1. 20 years ago we had Ronald Regan, Bob Hope and Johnny Cash.

    Today we have Obama, No hope and No Cash.

    What did Obama and the Democrats do back in 2008/2009 when they had a Super Majority? They went on vacation, wasted time on an unconstitutional heath care law and spent like drunken sailors.

    Those were the values of the Democratic Party, not ours.

  2. InYourFaceNewYorker says:

    How about Bush spending a month at his ranch to think about stem cell research instead of thinking about Osama Bin Laden and reading the intelligence report that was left on his desk on August 6th, 2001?

  3. Don’t you have better things to do NewYorker? All this from a nanny state resident who in a few months might not even be able to buy a soda over 16 oz.

    Yeah.. It’s about as relavent as your false Bush statements. Let’s see here… 2001? You are aware it’s 2012 right? Get a grip lady! Wake up!

    The fact that Obama hasnt spent more than 48 hours at his house since moving into the White House only suggest that he is REALLY going to miss his lifestyle at the White House come 2013.

    Obama gets his wish: Night at his Chicago home

    This story is the biggest load of election year horse poo propaganda EVER!

    For Obama to suggest that he hasn’t been able to go home in almost a year is absolute B.S.! The Obama’s were too busy on vacation trotting around the world on the tax payers dime to go home! Let’s face it, Obama is coddled by the White House staff and Michelle has become dependant on her White House Chef’s cooking and why not? I hear she only had to fire a handful to find one just right.

    In the article it says that only Obama went home, while his family stayed back at the White House. Wonder how the conversation went at dinner time without Obama?

    Kids – “Mommy, is it true we could have to leave the White House if daddy loses the election?”

    Mommy – “Yes dear”

    Kids – “But why would the people want to replace daddy as President when things have been so great for us every since he won”

    Mommy- “Because America is mean honey, now eat your vegetables because we cant have you getting fat and making mommy look bad”.

    This whole night at home stunt is just a effort to draw attention away from the fact that the Obama’s have become WAY OUT OF TOUCH with their base. An absolute smoke job! For once Obama overslept and missed breakfast because he sat up all night worrying what would happen to his home now that his buddy Rham isn’t running things over at Fannie government lenders corporation.

    Obama Fannie Mae Chicago Home Mortgage $903,000 over Legal Limit?

    But hey… When your buddy Rham is running the show what’s a million bucks between friends?

    Guess this explains why Rham no longer works for Fannie and remained mum when questioned about financial details.

    So anything else you want to go off topic about InYourFaceNewYorker?

    Can someone PLEASE explain to me WHY the Obama Administration has the gull to rip on Romney’s homes when Obama is sap sucking the system? Where is the logic here? Or in ANYTHING this current administration says or does?


  4. InYourFaceNewYorker says:

    How is it off topic? You talked about how wonderful Republicans are and how bad Democrats are, so I pointed out to you an EPIC FAIL by your beloved George W. Bush!

  5. The title of this thread is “Economic Morality”

    Everything I have said has something to do with some form of “Economic Morality”, however unlike Mr. Fieger’s left leaning axis mine has been to the right; and let’s be honest, that’s what bothers you.

    Bush’s intelligence report did not include an exact “Who”, “What”, “When”, “Where” and “Why” assessment that I am aware of. Perhaps you could get us a copy of that exact intelligence report given the current loose lips policy as it pertains to national security secrets under Obama’s Administration? That way we can ALL see first hand what kind of information Bush had. I am sure that given the terrorists historical preference of airplane hijacking and such any intelligence report that claimed an airplane would be used by terrorist would be a lot like suggesting the next world series would be won by a baseball team!

    The attack on 9/11 was unprecedented! You should thank your lucky stars America had a President like Bush to lead us thru them hard times and pave the way for his inexperienced predecessor to finish up a nearly completed job. I might add there was a certain terrorist that managed to sneak an underwear bomb aboard a Detroit bound airliner during Christmas on Obama’s watch, thank the good lord the passengers of that plane were able to subdue that maniac or it could have been a serious problem! But I am sure you don’t want to acknowledge that fact, and insist that some how Obama foiled that plot. [rolls eyes]

    You would do yourself well to think about how much different things would be today if President Bush was able to continue reading “My Pet Goat” to them elementary school kids rather than having to deal with one of the worst attacks on American soil ever!

  6. InYourFaceNewYorker says:

    Obama had nothing to do with foiling the underwear bomber and I never said he did. My point about Bush was that instead of reading an intelligence report he decided to spend a month thinking about whether stem cells counted as human beings. Seriously? Fucking seriously? Let’s not mention how he turned a surplus into a debt. And yes, he continued reading “The Pet Goat” for SEVEN MINUTES before responding. In the nuclear age, that’s a long time!

    Here, enjoy this commercial for George W. Bush Fuckup Collector Plates:

  7. Looks like a propaganda video if I ever seen one! Only problem is that Bush is no longer the President! Talk about living in the past! LOL!

    Let’s fast forward to TODAY!

  8. InYourFaceNewYorker says:

    What you have here is a false dichotomy. I never claimed that Obama was this great president, but I did say to blame everything on him is obscene. And George W. Bush has got to be the worst president in living memory.

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