The Great White North

I just returned from a trial in Anchorage, Alaska. All of February in the Great White North, and it was a fascinating experience. I had never been to Alaska and, apart from historical facts and its reputation for spectacular natural beauty, I knew very little about Alaska, especially from a cultural perspective. I knew it was a State where Sara Palin is still popular and defended. It is a State with a reputation for being very Republican, which is to say Conservative. I was wrong.

Alaska, at least Anchorage, is not Republican it is Libertarian – a place that is fiercely independent. They are just as anti-corporate as they are anti-government. They just don’t want anyone telling them what to do. There is an individualism that also paradoxically translates into an inter-dependence on each other. For example, the challenging weather creates a willingness to help each other, whether it means pitching in to get a car out of a snow bank or getting groceries for your neighbor.

The most striking aspect of Anchorage was that there was no obvious class or racial divisions. I never observed any racial tension and everyone seemed familiar with each other in a small-town sort of way. Maybe Alaska’s distance and recent arrival to the United States insulated it from the cultural legacy of slavery and racism, or perhaps the physical challenge of the environment has created a place – maybe the only place left – where the American dream is still possible.   

3 Responses to The Great White North

  1. Rex A Umney says:

    Welcome to the Republican Party Mr. Fieger!
    We been waiting for you.

  2. The L-I-B-E-R-T-Y movement is the guilt-free and hypocrisy free alternative to the GOP and the DEM Parties. The DEMS are dominated by BIG LABOR and the GOP is dominated by BIG INSURANCE, BIG FINANCE, and BIG CORPORATE, but BOTH parties are really in bed with Wall Street. Nowhere is this more self-evident than in foreign policy. Think about how, ever since Eisenhower, there has been no change in US foreign policy no matter who is in the Whitehouse. What are “US interests?” To anyone even the slightest critical mind it should be obvious. It is the business interests of transnational corporations that are being protected. So, why don’t they hire their own mercenary armies to protect their interests? Or maybe they have, on the US taxpayers’ dime. Afterall, all one has to do is form a Super PAC and get a US elected official elected and the benes follow. Is this the reason why peoples around the world hate “America?” For anyone to believe otherwise is to live in a media cocoon spun for them by the Wall Street Corporate Titans. The social issues are a smokescreen. For example, in one of the only studies done, it was found that abortion is primarily an economic decision. So according to the GOP you can’t have an abortion. I am fine with that, and believe that the unborn deserve protection, I subscribe to the teaching of the Roman Catholic Church of compassion and the teachings of Jesus Christ. But according to the Paul Ryan cabal, if you are poor and after you have that child, and you need food for it, or insurance, sorry, we are fiscal conservatives. And we won’t give you condoms either because you are immoral. What a crock. The Catholic Bishops condemned Ryan’s policies as against the social teachings of the church. So we like the catholic church on its anti-abortion stance, but reject its teachings of social justice and compassion. Its farcical. At the end of the day, the real issues are economic. And under the GOP/DEM duopoly it’s my crony versus your crony. Mary and John Q. Public, well, sorry you ain’t seated at the table, but send your sons and daughters to join the military to fight to defend oil and poppy fields in far away lands.

  3. Anchorage sounds like a place where Dr. Jack Kevorkian would have fit in nicely. 😉

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