“Fairness for All – Republican Style”

Apparently the GOP spin-meisters have decided that the attempt to extort their way to defunding The Affordable Care Act will revolve around the word “fairness”. The House GOP followed the Tea Party jihadis off the cliff, and now want to claim they were risking our economy for “fairness”. Remember that when the debate over health care reform began the GOP argued that it was unfair that Americans who already had medical insurance should not be forced to be covered by the ACA. They said it was “unfair”. So the ACA exempted people who already had medical insurance. It so happens that Congress and their staff and the White House all had nice premium insurance policies.

Now the Jihadis who insisted on the exemption to be fair, are insisting on removing the exemption for “fairness”. In other words, it is just another delaying tactic or some focus group driven, Orwellian rationalization for harming the Country. Meanwhile, the “fairness” of the jihadis means that while 800,000 Federal workers and thousands of other workers are laid off from collateral damage without pay, Congress and their staff are getting paid for not doing their jobs, and Congressional perks such as the gym and health spa continue.

That’s Tea Party “fairness”. 

One Response to “Fairness for All – Republican Style”

  1. Rex A. Umney says:

    You want some fairness for all Democrat style!?

    Family of 4 making $23,000 per year not eligible for low cost insurance under Obamacare!

    Take a look for yourself!


    Then you can also read the rest above because I am tired of all the formatting problems whenever I complain about the government on the internet.

    So what were you saying Mr. Fieger? Something about “It’s okay to throw people in jail for trying to return an item under it’s warranty period” LOL… whoops… Wrong thread! But I must ask, do you make it a point to avoid representing anyone who may be Republican? If so, that’s just wrong!

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